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What’s the Verdict on Dry Shampoo?

Dry shampoo used to be a niche product but now you can find it everywhere from salons to grocery stores. The allure is hard to resist: clean and fresh looking hair without showering. But what’s the deal with dry shampoo and, more importantly, can it harm your hair?

5 Things to Check Before You Buy Secondhand Clothing

If you’re trying to live a greener lifestyle, save money, or dress uniquely, you might want to buy your clothes secondhand. However, not all used clothes are actually usable. Before you purchase someone’s closet castoffs, there are a few things you should check.

4 Bad Fitness Habits to Banish in 2020

Ain’t nobody got time for a lousy warm-up! However, everyone knows by now how important it is to take some time before every activity to warm up properly and prepare your body. It can help you avoid injuries. Warming up also increases blood flow, builds heat, lubricates your joints, loosens up your muscle fibers, and prevents the wrong muscles from overcompensating because you didn’t warm-up the right ones.
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