Say Goodbye to Moldy Mushrooms with This Storage Method

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If you’ve picked up a pack of mushrooms, brought them home, and placed them in the fridge only to find them moldy a few days later, you know how finicky they can be. Turns out, though, that there is a storage method that can help.

The Kitchn’s Rachel Ng tested six different methods for storing mushrooms and found that a paper bag and paper towel are the keys to being sure you don’t end up with a moldy mess.

To keep your mushrooms good for as long as possible, Ng lined a paper bag with paper towels and tossed the mushrooms inside before placing them in the fridge. After 10 days, only three of the mushrooms had gone slightly darker, and there was no moldy ones.

Why does this work? Ng says that storing mushrooms is all about moisture. The more the vegetable is exposed to water, the more likely it is to become moldy and go bad. Mushroom containers from the store are often a plastic or cardboard base with plastic over top. The plastic traps moisture leading to spoiling. You should always remove them regardless of the storage method you choose to use.

While mushrooms should be kept free from moisture, if your lemons are constantly going bad, you might want to check out this hack for keeping them fresh where water is key.

[Via The Kitchn]

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