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The Best Cooling Sleep Products for Hot Nights

A bed, a cooling machine, and a woman sleeping.
Buffy/ChiliPad/Beckham Hotel Collection

Getting some sleep is easy enough for most people, right? You just lie down, close your eyes, and drift away. Unfortunately, it’s not like that for everyone—especially if you’re a hot sleeper like me.

Even during the winter, hot sleepers often find themselves tossing and turning, and throwing off covers in an effort to cool down.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to speak to your physician about irregularities like this. There might be an underlying reason for hot sleeping. If you’re just plain old hot-natured like me, though, we’ve rounded up some items that might help you get some relief from the heat.

Cooling Pillows

A woman sleeps on a pillow.
Beckham Hotel

If you’re constantly flipping your pillow over to the “cool” side, you’ll love these cooling pillows from the Beckham Hotel Collection. One of Amazon’s top-rated pillows (with over 149,000 ratings, it still has an impressive 4.4 out of five stars), it’s filled with down alternative, so it’s soft.

The breathable outer fabric is what keeps you cool. While it’s not memory foam, this pillow still conforms to your body as you sleep and bounces right back when you wake up.

Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows for Sleeping

Both sides of this pillow will always be cool.

A Lightweight Duvet

A comforter sits on top of a bed.

Arguably, one of the most well-known cooling comforters is the Buffy. The brand’s Breeze Cooling Duvet insert is made from breathable eucalyptus fabric that helps regulate your temperature to keep you cool.

However, it’s also able to keep you comfortable and warm during colder times when those rare occasions do arrive. The insert is also cool to the touch so when you hop into bed at night, you’ll have a refreshing chill.

Because this is a duvet insert (it’s still pretty enough to use alone, if you prefer), you can customize the look with any cover you like. It comes in Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, and King/California King sizes, so it’ll work on any bed.

Buffy Breeze Comforter

Will keep you cool when you need it and warm when you get chilly.

A Cooling Mattress Topper

A machine sits next to a bed to regulate the temperature.

One of the best ways to beat the heat is with a cooling mattress pad. You know that feeling when you flip over the pillow? That’s what this is but you know, all the time.

The Chili Cube is similar to a regular mattress topper. You simply slip it onto your mattress and add your bedding over top. The difference, though, is that the topper isn’t just filled with padding. There are tubes that run through it and fill with water that can be temperature controlled.

To use the cube, you fill it with water and set it by your bed. You’ll hook the mattress pad up to the cube, and then, when you head to bed, you can adjust the temperature of the water to keep your bed at a consistently cool temperature. Pretty amazing, right?

The topper comes in single or couple settings (so you can each set your own temperature) and can be ordered in queen, king, or California king sizes. While yes, it’s pricy, you’ll get a 30-day free sleep trial. Really, is there any price too high to pay for quality, cool sleep?

Cooling Sheets

A set of white sheets is on a bed.

A simpler solution than a cooling mattress pad is a set of cooling sheets, and I can promise you this set from Etittude really works because I have them!

The sheets come in 11 colors, ranging from white to a rust hue, and will fit beds from Twin size to California King (depending on which color you choose). The sets come with two pillowcases, and a flat and fitted sheet.

As for how they cool, they’re made from bamboo, which means they’re lightweight, silky soft, and breathable. All of this helps you stay refreshingly cool. While not a cooling feature, they’re also sustainably made, free of any chemicals, and ideal for those with allergies.

Silk/Satin Pajamas

A group of eight women wearing SWOMOG Silk Satin Long Sleeve Pajamas in navy blue and pink.

Sleeping well isn’t just about your bedding—you should also consider your pajamas. If you sleep hot, tucking yourself in wearing little-to-no clothing might seem like the best idea.

However, silk (or faux silk) or satin pajamas could work for you if you prefer wearing pj’s. This set from Swomog features a relaxed fit with an elastic waistband pant and V-neck top. Thanks to the cooling faux silk, they’re perfect for getting a night’s rest, and the best part is, despite the material, you can machine-wash them!

A man wearing the Tony & Candice Men's Classic Satin Pajama Set in blue with gold polka-dot.

We didn’t forget you, guys! This set of men’s pajamas from Tony and Candice features a similar design to the ladies’ set above, with an elastic waist, tailored fit shirt, and V-neck. These should keep you nice and cool all night.

An Extra Fan

A fan features an electric control panel.

While cooler bedding and pajamas can definitely help, you might still need a little something extra, and that’s where a good fan comes in. The Honeywell Tower Fan is one of the best-rated (4.5 out of 5 stars) on Amazon.

It features eight settings (including one for White Noise), an Auto-off timer, and a remote control. If your AC just isn’t cutting it, this fan might be the extra boost of cooling air you need.


Give your air conditioner a boost.

If it seems like you can never sleep through the night without waking up in a sweat, a combination of these handy products should help you stay more comfy and cool at night. You also might want to make sure your bedroom stays at the optimal sleeping temperature.

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