Crisis Averted: Pampas Grass Christmas Trees Are the New Trend

Three trees are made from pampas grass
Urban Outfitters

Each year, a new seasonal decor trend takes over for the holidays. This year, there’s an alternative for your standard Christmas tree, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Pampas grass Christmas trees are the latest must-try for your 2021 decorations, and with a potential tree shortage looming, this trend might be your best friend.

Yes, in case you hadn’t heard, due to supply chain issues as well as drought and wildfire conditions during the growing season, Christmas trees could be hard to come by this year. If you miss you moment to grab a tree within the next few weeks, pampas grass is the way to go.

Retailers like Urban Outfitters and Walmart have already begun selling trees. Urban Outfitters’ version comes in three different colors—green, pink, and tan—while Walmart’s is a classic cream pampas grass in a woven pot.  While you can’t hang your traditional ornaments on the trees, you can always place them among your other decor items like fairy lights and faux snow.

Pampus grass Christmas trees from Urban Outfitters.
Urban Outfitters

If you’re not super into the boho look of pampas grass, though, there is an alternative from last year that’ll still make your home festive. DIY tulle Christmas trees went viral last year, and they’re surprisingly easy to make. Plus, you can customize them using any color tulle you want.

For those seeking alternative seasonal decor, pampas grass and tulle might be your best friends.

[Via Better Home & Gardens]

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