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Help a Loved One Prep Their Garden with These Gifts

A watering wand being used on flowers; the book cover for "Cut Flower Garden;" a bed of tulips
Sprout/Chronicle Books/Burpee

Anyone who wants to grow a thriving flower garden filled with stunning blooms is going to require a few essentials. You can help your friend or family member (or yourself) get the garden of their dreams with these helpful gardening tools and supplies!

Most of us have a favorite flower, but whether we can plant it or not depends on factors like soil quality and content, weather, and even things like which direction our garden is facing. Luckily, though, none of us has to be an expert to get a gorgeous garden.

Whether you’re already planning your spring flower garden, or you want to gift a loved one who is, these items will take those buds from ordinary to exceptional.

A Garden Tool Set

A canvas tote with garden hand tools tucked in pockets along the sides

Not sure where to start? Get your loved one’s garden off to a great start with a simple, all-in-one tool set like this one from Scuddles. Hand tools are the bread and butter of a home garden. A few specific tools are necessary for individual tasks. They also allow gardeners to be more particular and careful with individual plants.

This eight-piece set comes in a handy tote and includes a weeder, trowel, cultivator, small rake, and transplanter tool. An eight-ounce spray bottle and a pair of sturdy gardening gloves are also included. This set will allow you or your giftee to dig holes, move plants, get rid of weeds, and care for a garden year-round.

Scuddles Garden Tool Set

A gardening starter kit!

A Bulb Planter

A hand using a bulb planter to make a hole in soil
Edward Tools

Bulbs are incredibly rewarding additions to any garden, but getting them planted can be time-consuming and repetitive. For both brand-new gardeners or experts, a bulb planting tool can make a huge difference. A sturdy, no-bend planter works even in challenging soil to get the perfect bulbs every time.

Look for something simple but durable, like this option from Edward Tools. Made of reinforced steel with serrated edges, it can dig into any kind of soil without a problem. You just push it into the ground, pull out the dirt (use the depth markers for even planting), and then drop in the bulb and release the soil.

After that, just sit back and wait for those bulbs to bloom!

Edwards Tools Bulb Planter

A depth marker and easy-release mechanism puts this tool a cut above.

A Potting Bench

A potting bench with plants on it; the same two-tiered potting bench without plants
Best Choice Products

For the gardener looking for an easier way to pot flowers, a sturdy potting bench is the perfect solution! They’re particularly nice for those who don’t have a yard or the space for a full-fledged flower garden.

A potting bench allows you to assemble portable pots of different flowers a porch, stoop, deck, or balcony. They also allow gardeners to stand up while they work, rather than being hunched over for long periods.

This Best Choice Products Bench is a versatile solution, not to mention aesthetically pleasing. Made from sturdy, weather-sealed fir wood, this two-tiered bench provides plenty of storage, as well as a wide work area for potting or repotting. It also includes storage hooks, a small drawer, and an attractive lattice back.

Best Choice Products Outdoor Garden Potting Bench

Keeps gardening work simple and organized.

A Watering Wand

Two watering wands, one blue and one fuschia, being used to water flowers

A watering wand is the perfect hybrid of a watering can and garden hose! Watering wands are a great choice for both serious and novice gardeners. They attach to a hose to give gardeners more control over their watering.

Most also offer adjustments for spray area and intensity. Flowers are particularly sensitive, so a watering wand is a great way to keep tabs on how much water they’re getting.

For a multipurpose option, try the Sprout Watering Wand. Its eight spray settings range from gentle for more delicate plants, to a powerful jet that’s strong enough to clean patios and decks. The wand easily attaches to a hose, and the handle even includes a built-in flow-control lever.

Plus, there’s an easy On/Off trigger, which locks in place so your hand won’t get tired from continuous squeezing.

Sprout 65105-AMZ 8-Pattern Watering Wand

Give every plant the exact amount of hydration it needs.

Flower Bulbs

A pot of paperwhite flowers; a bed of tulips in several colors
Easy to Grow/Burpee

You can’t have a beautiful garden without the actual flowers. Bulbs are a great option because they often produce incredibly beautiful blooms in any number of varieties. Depending on the season, you can get (or give) different types of bulbs to produce the perfect flowers for every season.

For the holidays, you might want to start with paperwhite or red amaryllis bulbs. You can also plan ahead for spring with varieties like tulips, hyacinths, or daffodils. Every region is a little different when it comes to which flowers will thrive, so make sure your chosen bulbs are compatible with your area.

Narcissus Paperwhite Bulbs

Start with simple bulbs and end up with delicate, beautiful white flowers.

Burpee Perennial Tulip Mix

A colorful, classic option for spring.

Advice From the Experts

Getting advice from books can help gardeners of any skill level, especially when it comes to the delicate world of flower gardening. Not only do these books include great advice on how to plant and care for different kinds of flowers and other plants, but they also include stunning photography. Read them for the gardening tips, then display them as gorgeous coffee table books.

Floret Farm's Cut Flower Garden

Erin Benzakein’s family-owned flower farm has put out a total of three books so far. This one was co-written with Julie Chai, and it’s the perfect place to start. You’ll learn how to grow, harvest, and arrange seasonal flowers in any area, for any occasion, and all with expert tips and stunning photos.

Vintage Roses: Beautiful Varieties for Home and Garden

As the title suggests, beautiful vintage rose varieties take the spotlight in Jane Eastoe’s guide. Flower aficionados can learn about true “vintage” varieties and newer specimens inspired by old-fashioned blooms. You’ll get everything from history and symbolism, to tips on how and where to grow each kind.

Growing Flowers

Flower novices will love the advice in Niki Irving’s comprehensive guide to curating a beautiful, thriving garden—and experts will find some helpful tips, too. Focused on organic, sustainable techniques, this book offers guidance on choosing and preparing soil. It also covers how to select the right flowers for your garden, and how to harvest and arrange them in gorgeous displays.

Whether you or someone you love is trying out a space-saving vertical, trendy keyhole, or vegetable garden, having the right tools and tips at your disposal makes all the difference. Trust us, it’ll all be worth it when you get to enjoy those gorgeous, thriving blooms all spring, summer, and fall.

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