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This Clever Hack Will Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh on the Cheap

A woman places an adhesive piece of felt onto a cabinet and soaks it in essential oil.

Your home’s scent is an important feature. If you feel like you’re constantly buying plug-ins and air fresheners, though, there’s a simple and affordable TikTok hack that can make things easier.

TikTok content creator @RootedByMartine has a clever trick to adding fragrance all around your home without needing expensive plug-ins. For her hack, Martine uses adhesive felt pads (you know the ones that you place on the bottom of furniture to prevent legs from scuffing the floor) and essential oil. That’s it.

Scotch Felt Pads

This tip is breeze using these adhesive pads.

In her video, Martine removes a pad from a pack of 30 and takes off the backing. Then, she places it onto the inside of a cabinet door. Once it’s firmly in place, she coats the pad in essential oil. Because it’s so absorbent, the pad holds quite a bit of oil. Once it’s soaked, she shuts the door and has fragrance wafting through her cabinets and into her home.


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There is one thing to keep in mind if you’re interested in this hack, though. Unfortunately, essential oils can damage finishes, so you’ll want to avoid placing them anywhere that this might matter—say the side of an end table or inside a bookshelf. Instead, you’ll want to stick (no pun intended) to adding them in areas like the insides of trash bins, behind cabinet doors, and or on any other non-finished surface.

As long as you’re looking out for your furniture and cabinetry, you’ll have a fragrance-filled house, but just in case you want even more scent, check out these ways to freshen up your home.

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