This TikTok Hack Will Make Your Sink Look and Smell New

An ice tray is filled with limes, a mixture is placed in a measuring cup, and a sink is being cleaned.

If you’ve been struggling with pesky fruit flies and an odd smell in your kitchen, your sink and garbage disposal might be to blame. Good news: there’s a TikTok hack for that.

Content creator Deanna Hooker (@forkandhammer) took to the platform to share how she cleans and odorizes a sink as a realtor.

First, Hooker creates a garbage disposal odorizer. She cuts limes into small slices and places a few into a plastic ice tray. Then, she fills the compartments with white vinegar and lemon juice and freezes them.


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As those are freezing, she creates a solution to clean the sink. She combines white vinegar, baking soda, dish soap, and a little bit of sea salt in a measuring cup. Then, she mixes it all together (it foams so don’t fill your cup completely) and spreads it over her sink. Using a scrubbing brush, she uses a bit of elbow grease and cleans the sink, but she doesn’t rinse. Instead, she lets it bake for an hour and then rinses it away.

When the sink is clean, she pops two of the frozen lime ice cubs into the disposal and has an odorized, sparkling clean sink.

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[Via House Digest]

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