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Here’s How to Make Your Leather Accessories Last Longer

woman holding a black leather purse and matching black gloves
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Whether it’s a pair of shoes, a bag, or a coat, any genuine leather item always feels like a major investment. Even if you found yours secondhand, you’ll still want to take steps to keep it looking fresh and free from damage.

Unfortunately, all it takes is one small mishap to ruin even high-quality leather. Water stains can be impossible to remove from light colors, and dry, cracked leather might never look the same even after expensive repairs. But luckily, you can easily prevent these problems and more with one simple step.

A coat of leather protector will keep your leather goods safe and beautiful, even as they age. Reapply the protector once a year for the best results. No matter what, we recommend applying a coat as soon as you buy a new leather item, so you can wear it everywhere fearlessly.

Cleaning and conditioning your leather products periodically is also important. However, the protector is what coats and seals the leather to prevent issues like fading and water damage. Applying protector now is much easier than trying to repair damage later. Plus, we’re all about reducing waste, and this simple step will help you keep your leather items longer, so you don’t cycle through them so fast.

Most leather protectors come in spray or liquid form, and cost around $10 to $15—far more affordable than leather repairs. Just follow the directions on the bottle, and always apply it to clean leather for the best results. Now, your leather is ready to stand up to all seasons and any events.

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