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Frozen Dish Soap Might Be the Secret to Cleaning This Appliance

A person freezes dish soap and uses it to clean.

It’s probably safe to say that deep cleaning the oven isn’t really a task people look forward to doing. Thanks to TikTok, though, there’s a hack that might make it a little bit easier.

Content Creator @tanyahomeinspo took to TikTok to showcase how to clean oven grates the easy way—with frozen dish shop.

In her video, Tanya adds dish soap to a plastic ice cube tray. Then, once each compartment is filled with soap, she places the tray in the freezer and allows it to become fully frozen. Once finished, she removes a cube from the tray and begins to scrub at the racks. As she does, the baked-on grime and gunk begin to fall right away.

OXO Good Grips Ice Cube Tray

Freeze some dish soap with these trays.

Once everything has come off the grate, she takes the mushy bits of leftover soap and places them into the water before using it to rinse the grates clean. Then, the racks are ready to go back in the oven once dried.


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As for how this hack works, there are two potential reasons. The first is that dish soap is designed to pick up food and grime from plates and often contains enzymes that help break it down. The same can apply to your oven racks. Secondly, because the dish soap is frozen, the icy bits can act as an abrasive agent to scrub away stubborn bits.

Now that you know how to get those racks clean, it might be time to track this clever chicken wing cooking hack that utilizes those very racks.

[Via House Digest]

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