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This Is Why There Are Loops on Some Shopping Carts

A grocery cart has loops beneath the handle.

Getting out to your car after buying groceries only to realize that your eggs have broken or your bread has been crushed is the worst. However, there might be a solution to keeping your delicate groceries safe, and its right on the cart.

Most grocery carts have loops either on their sides or near the handle, and while you might have just thought they were some sort of design, they’re there to protect your fragile groceries.

TikTok content creator @knowledgesaurus shared the discovery on their TikTok account in an ongoing series called “Thing You Didn’t Know Had a Purpose.” In a previous post, the creator explained that many carts come with loops on their sides where you can hang bags. Those without side loops, though, typically have a few at the top near the handle where the child seat is.

When you check out and your groceries are bagged, those loops are designed to hold the bags with items like eggs and bread. This keeps them above the rest of your items so they don’t get broken or crushed. Pretty genius, right?


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The next time you head to the store to grab eggs, don’t forget about those handy loops. Want another grocery shopping hack? Check out this method for carrying out non-bagged groceries from stores like ALDI and Costco.

[Via Hunker]

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