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Everything You Need to Batch Bake This Holiday Season

A hand scooping cookie dough onto a baking sheet; three cooling racks stacked with cookies; a red stand mixer

Baking big batches has its advantages, especially during the holidays. However, figuring out the logistics can be a major challenge. Never fear—with just a few handy kitchen items, you’ll feel like a baking pro in no time.

The key to baking large batches is figuring out how best to organize everything so you can best take advantage of the space (and time) you have. Adding some extra space, using products designed for efficiency, and finding a rhythm in your process are all important. Let’s take a look at some easy ways you can make batch baking fun, rather than stressful!

Create Some Extra Prep Space with a Folding Table

A gray rectangular folding table sitting on a wood floor in a home office

Having enough counter space is the number-one hurdle when it comes to batch baking. After all, you need room for all your ingredients and some mixing space, not to mention prepping space, and then enough room for your goodies to properly cool. And what about the treats you have to decorate?

Unless you have an enormous kitchen with tons of open space or a big island, it can be tricky to find enough workspace. Instead of trying to stack everything precariously or constantly shifting things around, give yourself some temporary extra room with a large folding table.

A basic, small card table will do in a pinch, but a sturdy, folding, rectangular option, like this one from Costo, would be even better. It’s six feet long, so you won’t have to worry about running out of space. Plus, it folds up for easy storage under or behind furniture. And when you’re done baking, it can serve as an extra dining table for your guests.

COSCO 6 ft. Fold-in-Half Banquet Table

Plenty of extra space for preping, cooling, and decorating.

Use a Cookie Scoop

A cookie scooping into dough; the same scoop putting dough on a cookie sheet

When you’re batch baking, you want to find ways to improve efficiency at every step, to save time and hassle. Mixing cookie dough is going to take a finite amount of time, no matter what you do—your mixer can only go so fast. Plus, there’s only so much dough you can mix at one time. Luckily, what you can speed up is the process of portioning out the cookie dough.

A cookie scoop can help you almost “automate” your cookie-prep process. It’s an easy way to get cookies that are more uniform, but take less effort to get that way, which is exactly what you need when batch baking.

The JSDOIN Scoop Set is a versatile option with three different-sized scoops. All of them have easy-release mechanisms to make the scooping process extra quick and easy.

JSDOIN Scoop Set

Cookie scoops can speed up the baking process by making uniform cookies in record time.

Stackable Cooling Racks

A set of three stackable cooling racks, with cookies on each level

The space problem of batch baking is particularly tricky to deal with when it comes to cooling. For baked goods to truly cool properly—especially if you plan to frost or decorate them—they need plenty of room for cool air to circulate. Otherwise, you run the risk of soggy cookies, melted frosting, and more.

The best solution for this is a set of stackable cooling racks. They save counter space, while also providing enough room for cookies to actually cool.

The Wilton Excelle Elite Three-Tier Cooling Rack will not only help you make the most of your counter space, but it also folds up for easy storage. Each level has a nonstick coating and plenty of space between tiers, which is perfect for letting fresh-from-the-oven cookies cool evenly.

Wilton Excelle Elite 3-Tier Cooling Rack

Save space and time, and give your cookies room to cool.

Upgrade to a Stand Mixer

A white and a red stand mixer sitting on two countertops

Even if you’re more of a hand mixer person in normal times, batch baking is really only effective if you’re able to make a big batch of dough all at once. While you don’t exactly need an industrial mixer just for a big batch of home baking, you’ll definitely want a stand mixer with a higher capacity. This is especially true if you prefer to make double batches, rather than several smaller ones.

You can’t go wrong with a high-quality mixer like the KitchenAid Seven-Quart Pro. The stainless-steel bowl is large enough for pretty much any recipe a home baker will ever make.

The bowl-lift is also strong and stable enough to withstand a hefty batch of dough and get an even mix without leaving any unmixed ingredients trapped at the bottom.

Bake Early and Freeze

A stack of plastic containers with red lids; one container with its lid sitting next to it

Batch baking isn’t just about making a massive amount of something all at once. The secret is to embrace the convenience of the freezer. Bake as much at a time as you like, but then store it all in airtight containers, and then freeze it to keep it fresher, longer. When it’s time for the event, simply pull it all out and let it warm to room temperature.

To store baked goods without crushing them, look for large, relatively flat airtight containers, like Rubbermaid’s Easy Find stackables. Made from BPA-free plastic, these reliable containers hold 1.5 gallons. They’ll keep your baked goods fresh for a while in the freezer, while also protecting them from freezer burn and getting crushed by other items.

Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid Food Storage Container

Perfect for storing batches of goodies in the freezer.

With these handy kitchen helpers, you’ll never stress out about holiday batch baking again. After you order the items you need, grab that perfect cookie recipe and get to batching!

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