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10 Gifts for the Cat Lovers You Love

Stationery has cats on it, a pair of slippers look like cat face, and a neon sign is shaped like a cat.

Some people will freely tell you they don’t like cats, and that’s fine. Those of us who do love furry little felines, though, also love to let everyone know about it. That’s why, if you’ve got a cat lover in your life, a cat-themed holiday gift is the way to go!

Let’s just say there’s no shortage of cat gifts out there. From sweatshirts and mugs, to stationery, if you want something, you can probably get it with a kitty on it. If you need some help narrowing your search for the perfect cat-centric present, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up 10 perfect gifts that are sure to make even the grumpiest of cat lovers smile.

Cat Lamp

A neon light is shaped like cat.

Add some kitty pizzaz to the desk or bedside with this adorable neon sign. The light is powered via USB cord or batteries, so you can place it wherever you want—no outlet required!

While it’s not quite bright enough to act as the only light in a room, it’s a cute way to give your space a little ambiance and, at under $15, why not?

LED Cat Neon Sign

This neon kitty will light up the place.

A Kitty Mug

A mug has a cat nose and whiskers on the front and a cat hidden inside.

Whether they’re a tea, hot cocoa, or coffee drinker, a cat mug is one of the most universally perfect gifts for any cat owner. Not only does this mug feature the cute whiskers, nose, and eyes of a cat, but there’s a surprise inside. A ceramic cat hangs out in the center of the mug to slowly emerge from hiding as you drink.

Plus, it comes in several color combos: black and white, black and gold, or white and gold.

Koolkatkoo Cute Ceramic Cat Coffee Mug

Whiskers never looked so cute.

A Personalized Cat Welcome Mat

A mat has three cats on the front.

Let your cats welcome guests into their, er, your home. This mat is particularly nice because it’s customizable in a few ways.

First, you can have your cats’ names added to the mat and, if you have more than one, even better! You can fit up to three kitties and names on each mat. You can also specify whether your pet has short- or long-hair, and if he’s a Scottish fold or Sphinx. Then you choose their fur colors, as well. Pretty neat, right?

Welcome to The Pet Home Mat

Let the house cats greet all guests.

A Subtle Cat Necklace

A necklace is shaped like a cat's head.
Kendra Scott

Those who prefer a subtler homage to their feline friends will love this chic, but simple, cat-inspired necklace from Kendra Scott. While we wouldn’t call it a splurge item, it’s certainly a bit more luxe than a lot of the other cat jewelry you find online.

The 18-inch chain is 14-karat gold plate over brass. It will fall just below the collarbone on most women, but if you need a longer chain, there are also extenders. While it comes in three colors, Black Drusy is the only option available at this writing. However, as it’s one of the brand’s best-sellers, you can likely expect a restock before your holiday shopping is done.

A Cat Face Sweatshirt

A sweatshirt has cat ears and whiskers on the front.

Wear your heart on your … chest? With this sweatshirt, you can display your love for your furry friend for all the world to see. Unlike the necklace above, there’s nothing subtle about this comfy wearable.

It also comes in 23 colors and patterns (including tie-dye). You can also choose different details, like pockets and distressing. Throw in that it’s size-inclusive (it’s available up to 4X), and it’s the perfect gift for any outspoken cat lover.

ROMWE Women's Cat Print Lightweight Sweatshirt

There's no hiding that you're a cat person in this sweatshirt.

Kitty Door Hanger

A door hanger is shaped like a cat.

Did you think there was no way to incorporate your love of cats into your home décor? Think again!  This homage is subtle enough that it won’t make people think they’ve entered Dolores Umbridge’s office in Harry Potter.

However, it’s still a cute way to say, “I love my cat!” Simply slip this door hanger over a closet or bathroom door, and you’ve got a convenient place to hang towels, belts, hats, bags, or jackets.

Evelots Kitty Cat Hanger Hooks

The one place you'll be fine with a cat's paws on your clothes.

Fuzzy Feline Slippers

a pair of slippers have a cats face on them.

Want another cozy item to go with that sweatshirt? These slippers are the answer. They feature fuzzy and warm cotton material inside and out, as well as a rubber sole to make them sturdy and slip-proof.

Plus, they also come in multiple colors, including pink and blue, women’s sizes 5-11.

Women's Cute Cat Warm House Slippers

Let these cute, fluffy kitties keep your feet warm and cozy.

Cat Face Umbrella (with Ears)

An umbrella features a cat face and ears.
Kate Spade

Cats might not like the rain, but you will when armed with this adorbs umbrella. The cute whiskers and little pink nose with matching cat ears on top will have you praying for rain.

It’s not just a great way to showcase your love for your feline friend, but an adorable accessory, to boot. At nearly three feet wide, it’s the perfect size for travel, but will also protect you, even in the windiest, rainiest conditions.

Whimsical Cat Stationery

Page markers, pens, and notepads feature cat designs.

Add a little whimsy to your desk with this collection of kitty stationery. Whether you or a loved one has an office job, works from home, or just loves stationery, this cat-centric set of office supplies is a must-have.

In the kit, you get a pencil bag, 12 gel pens with refills, cat sticky notes, and multiple cat stickers, including page markers. It’s everything any cat-loving office professional could want!

A Pet Portrait

Pet photos are drawn as portraits.
Sarah Paints Pets

If you prefer giving customized gifts, definitely check out the portraits by Sarah Paints Pets. She’s incredible at capturing pets in a painting and has made the gifting process incredibly easy, as well.

You just send her a photo of the pet you want her to paint. If you don’t have a pic, or your giftee has multiple furbabies, you can order a gift card. They start at $100 for a small portrait of one animal and go up to $290 to have more than one pet painted.

If you have a friend or family member who’s always going on about their fabulous feline (or if that’s you), any of these kitty-centric gifts are sure to make them smile this holiday season.

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