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Here’s How Many Sheet Sets You Should Have

A couple makes the bed.

Is there such a thing as having too many sheet sets? Probably not. However, the exact number you need is a bit more complex than you might think.

According to experts, the proper number of sheets falls between two and three sets, and there are specific parameters guiding the correct number for you.

According to Jodie Hamilton, a professional cleaner at Amazing Services, two sets of sheets is appropriate for single people or couples. Having only a single set can be risky according to Hamilton. After all, you never know when you’ll need to make an emergency change. With an additional set, you always have sheets on hand.

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Dean Davies, a professional cleaner at Fantastic Cleaners, thinks three is the magic number. He explained that you can then have a set in the wash, a set on the bed, and a spare set in case of emergencies. He also added that having three helps cut down on wear and tear so that your sheets last longer.

Others who should have three sets? Those with kids or pets and people who are hot sleepers. If you have kids or pets in the bed, there’s always the chance of an accident. Having three options allows for emergency changes without needing a wash first. If you’re a hot sleeper, you’re likely sweating at night, which means you’ll probably need to do laundry often. To avoid this, have multiple sets to change out.

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