This Kitchen Item Can Clean Away Crayon Marks

A kid scribbles on a wall.
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Everyone loves to display their kids’ artwork on their fridge or a bulletin board, but when it’s on the walls, it becomes significantly less cute. There’s a common kitchen item that might be the remedy for those crayon marks.

Dishwashing tablets can scrub away those pesky marker and crayon scribbles kiddos often (well-meaningly) put on walls.

While dish soap is a gentle cleaner, it’s also made of enzymes designed to break down food grime as well as surfactants that clean and remove grease and grime. It makes sense that using something gentle but effective to remove crayon and marker marks works.

Finish Quantum Infinity Shine

Turns out these tabs aren't just good for dishes.

The next time little Timmy decides to become an artist on the walls, grab a bucket of water and add a dishwasher tablet. Give it time to dissolve, and then, wet a sponge and begin to wipe away the marks. For potentially tricky scribbles, grab what’s left of the tab and use it directly on the stain. The marks should start to disappear as you scrub.

Dishwashing tablets aren’t just good for cleaning walls, though. There’s another way to utilize them. Have a built-up calcium stain around your toilet bowl? Find out how you can use the same staple to clean it away here.

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