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Do This With Your Glassware Before Putting It in the Oven

A person places a glass baking dish in an oven.
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Your glass bakeware and containers might seem indestructible. While yes, they’re ultra-sturdy and can be used to store leftovers in the fridge or bake casseroles in the oven. There’s still one thing you should never do.

When it comes to keeping your glassware in tip-top shape, you should never place it into a hot oven without making sure it’s room temperature first.

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Don't forget to thaw your prepped casseroles.

While you might keep your glass storage containers or baking dishes in your cabinets, this rule is particularly useful as the holidays come along and some are prepping food early.

Pre-made casseroles that are frozen or kept in the fridge for cooking later as well as leftovers that need to be reheated should be brought to room temperature or removed from the glass and baked in something different. Yes, you even need to do this with oven-safe glassware.

The reason for this is to prevent something called thermal shock. This happens when there is a rapid change in temperature which can damage the glass and cause cracks or shattering.  But it’s not just when glass goes from cold to hot, either. If you put a hot casserole dish on a cold countertop or run a hot, glass dish under cold water, the same thing can occur.

This holiday season, if you’re planning to prep Thanksgiving dinner early and make some casseroles in advance, remember to thaw them before sticking them straight into the oven.

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