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The Best Shower Accessories for Those Who Don’t Have a Tub

A eucalyptus bundle, a wine glass holder, and a shower speaker.
Self Care Shower Store/30 Watt Store/Haissky Store

Unfortunately, we can’t all be blessed with a massive soaking tub—or any tub at all. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some fun shower accessories whenever you need a relaxing night at home.

Turns out that, yes indeed, there are accessories that’ll give your shower a bit more of a pampering feel. From steamers to wine glass holders, these little things can go a long way. We’ve rounded up some of the best things to add to your shower for those cozy nights at home—no tub required!

A Radio

A radio adheres to the side of a shower.
Haissky Store

A shower speaker is a must for those looking to add a bit of chill ambiance to their shower time. Whether you play your favorite relaxing playlist or listen to a podcast, you won’t have to risk getting your phone wet with this speaker.

It pairs with your phone, computer, or tablet via Bluetooth, and you can even accept incoming calls on it. You can also control the volume and skip songs right on the speaker. To install it, you just stick the suction cup to your shower wall, and you’re good to go.

HAISSKY Portable Wireless Waterproof Speaker

Listen to your favorite podcast or playlist.

A Shower Bench

A wooden bench sits inside a shower.

If you have enough room, a bench is a great shower accessory, especially when you’re in the mood for a long, relaxing steam. You’ll need a large, walk-in shower to fit this bench from AquaTeak, but it has so many practical uses, you’ll never be sorry you bought it.

First, it makes your shower feel more like a tub—after all, you get to sit down. It also provides a convenient space to shave your legs because you can either sit comfortably or place one foot on it for better reach.

Then, there’s the storage shelf under the seat that can hold extra body washes, shampoos, and loofahs.

A Wine Glass Holder

A wall-mounted wine glass holder is in a shower.
30 Watt Store

Sometimes, you just need a beverage, even in the shower. Whether you want a rich red, a nice rosé, or a pinot grigio is up to you. No matter which is your poison, you won’t have to bend down to the floor or the lip of your shower to grab it thanks to this handy invention. That’s why you need a wine glass holder.

This clever, affordable little wine glass holder adheres to your shower wall with patented silicone technology. This means you won’t have to mess with a mount or worry about a suction cup losing its suction. The only caveat is this holder doesn’t work well on stone—it’s best for smooth surfaces, like tile, glass, or marble.

Once it’s on the wall, though, all you have to do is slip your glass in it, and you’re good to go!

An LED Showerhead

A shower head changes color.
Milky House

Turn your shower into a party zone with this fun LED shower light. After all, if bathtubs can have fun lighting features, why shouldn’t showers?

You’ll have to install your new showerhead, but the process is pretty straightforward and simple according to the reviews. Once you’re finished and turn on your shower, the colors will transition one by one, making your bathing experience feel like a rave.

Seven Color Flash Light Shower Head

Time to dance (in the shower)!

A Eucalyptus Bundle

A bundle of eucalyptus hangs from a shower head.
Self Care Shower Store

For a bit of freshness and aromatherapy, you can always add a fresh eucalyptus bundle to your shower. If you haven’t seen this hack before, the steam from the shower releases the natural oils in the plant and fills your bathroom with the relaxing scent.

Also, as eucalyptus has aromatherapy benefits, it’s the perfect choice for a pampering night.

Eucalyptus For Shower 100% Fresh

Get the full spa experience with some aromatherapy.

Shower Steamers

A bag of shower steamers sits behind lavender.
Body Restore

If you suffer from allergies and the idea of putting eucalyptus in your shower is a concern, shower steamers are another great option. This lavender set from Body Restore features the soothing scent of lavender, and they’re super easy to use—just place one on your shower floor.

The steam from the water will release the scent for a soothing shower experience.

Body Restore Shower Steamers

Get cozy with some shower steamers.

Envious of your friends who have bathtubs? You don’t have to be! These accessories will make your showers so relaxing, you’ll never miss having a tub again.

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