Here’s How to Save a Dish You’ve Made Too Salty

A full salt shaker sit on a wooden table.

You’re excited to finally sit down and have dinner. You put that first spoonful in your mouth only to realize you’ve oversalted it. Is it even possible to fix it?

Depending on your dish, a little acid can go a long way in fixing your salty food. 

When fixing your dish, you’ll need to add lemon juice or white wine vinegar in order to remove the tongue-twisting, salty taste. This works particularly well with dishes like potatoes and fish. Use a squeeze of lemon or add a small dash of vinegar over your potatoes and mix or onto your fish. The trick is to go slow as you add the acidic ingredients and taste your food in between adding it to ensure you’re not going to end up with a sour meal instead of a salty one.

Other tricks include adding water to broths and soups to dilute the salty flavor, putting creamy additives like sour cream and avocados on tacos or alongside breakfast items like egg, and soaking salty pork items in water before cooking.

The next time your dinner is just a little on the salty side, as long as it hasn’t hit salt lick status, there might just be a way to enjoy it. Added salt isn’t always a bad thing, though. Turns out, it can actually help out a lackluster cup of coffee.

[Via Epicurious]

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