Don’t Forget to Clean This Dishwasher Part Monthly

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If your dishwasher hasn’t been washing your dishes all that well, don’t call the repair person quite yet. There might be something you’re forgetting when it comes to appliance maintenance.

You should be cleaning your dishwasher filter every month in order to keep the appliance in tip-top shape.

This tip actually comes courtesy of TikTok content creator @jettsetfarmhouse. They actually explain that the recommendation is to wash your filter after every cycle, but Hunker reports that it’s fine to do so monthly.

To clean the filter, remove it from your dishwasher and transfer it to your sink. Then, using dish soap and a toothbrush or other small cleaning brush, scrub away at the dirt and grime and rinse. When clean, simply place it back into your appliance. Honestly, it’s a simple task that can make a big difference for your dishes.


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In addition to your filter, though, the content creator also says to be sure you’re cleaning your machine as a whole every few months. While that seems like a hefty task, their tips make it quite easy.

Rubbermaid Power Scrubber

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Simply place a bowl of vinegar in the top rack and run the hottest wash cycle you can. Then, when done, remove the bowl and sprinkle baking soda along the bottom to deodorize the machine and run another hot cycle. Clean around the edges of the washer with a brush, and you’ve got a pristine appliance.

If, however, you still feel as though your machine isn’t washing properly, check out this trick.

[Via Hunker]

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