The Safest Time to Drive Home from Thanksgiving, According to Experts

Traffic is backed up at sunset.

Heading to see family and friends for Thanksgiving is exciting. Traffic, however, is not so exciting. There might be a way to avoid some of it, though.

According to experts, there is a specific travel day that might make your trip back from Thanksgiving a bit easier.

Ellen Edmonds, a spokesperson for the American Automobile Association, said Saturday, Nov. 27, will be the best day to head back from Thanksgiving. Be sure to leave earlier in the morning, though,  ideally before noon. Come that evening, Nov. 27 will become one of the most congested travel days.

If you thought about leaving on Sunday, Nov. 28, it’s slated to be the most traffic-filled. For those who don’t have a choice but to leave on Sunday, though, you can try leaving early in the morning to beat the crowd. INRIX, a transportation analytics company, says that travel times between noon and 8 p.m. will be the worst for travelers.

Being strategic about your car travel is even more important this year. The AAA predicts that 48.3 million people will be traveling by car. That’s more than 4 million more than last year’s number of travelers.

If you’re planning to be one of these 48.3 million travelers, why not make your drive a bit less stressful? Check out these tips on making your travel a bit more fun.

[Via Elite Daily]

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