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This Viral Video Proves It’s Time to Wash Your Hairbrush

A woman soaks her hair brushes in soapy water.

You probably already know that you should be cleaning your makeup brushes (even if you don’t do it as often as you should). However, did you know you should be cleaning your hairbrushes, too?

According to TikTok content creator @everything_tidy, cleaning your hairbrushes could be the secret to keeping your hair clean for longer.

In her video, the creator explains that she recently saw a video where a person explained that your dirty hairbrushes might be responsible for making your locks greasier quicker and leading to more frequent washing.

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While there’s no actual data to back this up, the idea makes sense. After all, one of the reasons to wash your makeup brushes is to prevent the spread of bacteria onto your face, and if you’re using a dirty hairbrush, your scalp (which is skin, too) is likely getting so not so great things added back in after washing. Plus, with product build-up in your brush, its likely those leftovers are making their way into your hair, too.

The solution? Soaking your brushes.


This is disgusting 🤮 #fyp #foryou

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In her video, the creator runs a sink full of warm water and adds shampoo. Then, she simply adds her brushes into the water and lets them sit for an hour. When she returns, the results are shocking. The water has turned a murky shade of brown insinuating that those poor bristles had their fair share of dirt.

If you’re anything like me, washing your hairbrushes hasn’t exactly been on your to-do list. Clearly, though, it should be. Just in case washing your hairbrush doesn’t eliminate next-day grease, though, these dry shampoos are exactly what you need.

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