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Frost Christmas Cookies Perfectly with These Tips

A woman decorates a gingerbread man.
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For many, decorating Christmas cookies is a holiday tradition. Let’s be honest, though. Not all of us are good at it. There is help, though.

Carolyn Grillo, a pastry school graduate, former professional baker, America’s Test Kitchen Reviews editor, dropped some of her best tips on making sure your cookies look flawless. They’re actually pretty simple to follow.

Before you start, you should be sure there are no air bubbles in the icing to cause skipping. Grillo recommends piping out a bit onto parchment paper to ensure the icing will come out seamlessly. Then, check your cookies (or cake) and ensure they’re cooled. If they’re too hot, when the icing hits the surface, it’ll begin to liquefy and before uncontrollable likely dripping right off the cookie.

When you are ready to start piping, the pastry school grad says to hold the tip at 90 degrees and be sure it’s about 1/2 inch from the cooking. By holding the tip at this angle, you’ll get the most accurate look at your cookie, and keeping it 1/2 inch above the dessert helps to control the frosting. As you frost, use an even, steady pressure to ensure your frosting stream is consistent throughout all your lettering and decor.

Want to put try some of these tips out? Try hosting a cookies and cocktails night this holiday.

[Via America’s Test Kitchen]

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