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Keep Things Lively This Holiday Season with These Fun Party Games

Three images of games featured in the article below including One Night Ultimate Werewold by Bezier Games, What Do You Meme, and Codenames by CGE Czech Games.
Bézier Games/What Do You Meme?/CGE Czech Games

Put your phones down, people; we have nine family games that will bring joy, laughter (and a little friendly competition) to everyone back home this holiday season.

This year skip busting out Monopoly, Scrabble, or other old games that either can’t accommodate a full table of players or just don’t have the levity and energy you want at the holiday table. Grab your siblings and even a cousin or two; each multiplayer game below is excellent for six players or more! Whether you’re looking for a game to keep kids busy at the holidays or something for the adults to sit around the dining room table with, there’s a little something for everybody.

Do You Know Your Family?

The front and back images of the game 'Do You Really Know Your Family?'
Do You Know Your Family?

Do You Know Your Family? is the ultimate conversation-starting game that’ll have you laughing and learning new things about each other throughout the evening.

Between performing silly challenges and asking thought-provoking questions, and sparking up interesting conversations, you’ll have a great time.

The recommended age range is eight years old and up and doesn’t involve any confusing instructions or rules.

Do You Know Your Family?

Conversation-starters and fun challenges included!

Beat That!

The front and back images of the game 'Beat That".
Gutter Games

If your family is all about accepting hilariously wacky challenges, then perhaps Beat That! is the right game to play this holiday season.

The game, which can play up to eight players, speeds you through a series of fun hurdles, some that are tricky, while others are somewhat ridiculous.

Some challenges are to be completed individually, while others ask for battle royales, buddy-ups, and duels. It’s a great way to enjoy a little family-friendly competition.

Beat That!

Which family member will complete the most hilarious challenges?

What Do You Meme?

An image of a few people playing the game 'What do you Meme?' at a table which is showing some of the cards.
What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme? is a hilarious game that takes a bit of open-minded creativity. Each player is dealt caption cards, which they use to caption a meme photo placed in the center by the judge each round.

The individual has an opportunity to select one of the captions they see most fitting. There’s a winner in each round, and the rotating judge decides it, and yes, each judge’s sense of humor differs, so be sure you know your judge when selecting a caption card.

The game contains loads of mature (or I should say immature) content and is not recommended for anyone under the age of 17, so save this one for the adults once the kids go to bed for the night.

The family edition is better suited for the younger crowd but still includes tons of inappropriate content that might not be suited for all families. Before making your purchase, keep these details in mind, as some of the cards use language that may feel offensive to some.

What Do You Meme?

A hilarious game meant for adults only.


Two images displaying the game Codenames.
CGE Czech Games

In the game Codenames, players are split into two teams, containing rival spymasters who are trying to communicate with their agents in the field by way of codewords (represented by the cards on the table). Each team has to take the clues given by their spymaster and locate the correct operative in the field without accidentally contacting a rival spy, wasting a turn on a confused civilian, or turning up the assassin.

The fast-paced and easy-to-learn game can be played by two to eight or more people and is best suited for ages 10 and up.


Contact all your agents, and your team wins!

Perpetual Commotion

An image of the game 'Perpetual Commotion' by Goldbrick Games.
Goldbrick Games

Perpetual Commotion is a game of speed, takes nimble concentration and fast hands. The exciting game is fantastic for kids and adults alike, with nonstop action all around.

There are no turns in the game; everyone plays simultaneously, doing their best to rid their deck of cards as quickly as possible to end the round.

The goal is to reach the most points for cards played in the arena, and bonus points are added in several ways too. The game doesn’t have timeouts, so stay vigilant and be furious.

It plays up to two to six players, but the expansion pack will help you reach additional players, and yes, more players mean way more commotion. This game might not be a good fit for anyone who gets overwhelmed quickly.

Perpetual Commotion

A super fast-paced game where being quick will help you win!


The game 'Spyfall' by Cryptozoic Entertainment presented on a white background.
Cryptozoic Entertainment

Spyfall is a fun bluffing game that involves asking questions, providing clever answers, and sparking a bit of suspicion amongst team members.

At the start of each round, each player receives a secret card that provides the group’s location such as a cruise ship, casino, military base, or other specific location. Each player except for one who is randomly given a “Spy” card that has no information about the location, that is.

During each eight-minute round, players will ask each other questions. The goal is to ask questions only an insider would know with the purpose of the non-spies identifying each other while simultaneously not clueing the spy into where the team is located. If the spy guesses where they are before the team guesses who the spy is, they win!

If your family likes thinking games that involve keeping information safe without blowing your cover, this game might be just right.


A fun bluffing game!


Two images displaying the game 'Monikers' with an image of the cards used in the game.

Monikers is a hilarious and fast-paced game recommended for players 17 and up making it a perfect game for the adults in the crowd.

Each player is dealt 10 cards, and everyone secretly chooses five that they like then adds them to the larger deck. During each round, a person from the starting team has one minute to get their team to guess as many names as possible by giving clues about the identity of the card. The “identity” can be a person, place, thing, or concept. The more detailed and specific the identity, the more points you score for it. You might only get 1 point for “Santa Clause” but 4 points for “Uncle Jesse from Full House.”

The opposing team can guess as many times as they want, and skipping is highly encouraged. Anything guessed correctly is put aside for point calculations. The round ends when all the cards have been guessed correctly.

While the game is recommended for 17+ that’s largely due to the complexity of the topics and necessary cultural knowledge (mixed in with some adult cards and jokes, of course).


A funny guessing game for adults.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Two images displaying the game 'One Night Ultimage Werewolf' including the cards used in the game.
Bézier Games

One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a game that allows each member to play a unique role, which changes after a secret night phase. The game’s goal is for the players to find a werewolf in under five minutes.

It’s a fast-paced twist on the old classic Werewolf party game that has a welcome feature: an auto-moderator. In a traditional game of Werewolf not only does the game take a long time but somebody has to sit the game out to be the one moderating all the action.

This version of Werewolf not only makes the rounds fast and fun but you can download the free smartphone app to have the phone moderate the action so everyone at the table can play! The recommended age for this easy-to-follow game is eight years or older.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

The interactive game that requires an app download will be loved by all.

We hope this list helps you select a game that is the best fitting for you and your family, and if board games are more your style, we have plenty of selections for that too!

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