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Here’s Why You Should Put a Christmas Tree in Your Bedroom

A christmas tree sits next to a bed.

When most people put up their Christmas tree, it typically goes in a shared space or one with a large window or door so the tree can be displayed. Well, you should also think of setting up a second one in your bedroom.

It turns out that having a Christmas tree in your bedroom can improve your mood and help you sleep.

UK-based Hayes Garden World teamed up with Carl Wash, a sleep expert with Bed Guru, to explain the benefits of a bedroom-based tree. Wash said adding greenery into your bedroom can help your body release the correct hormones for sleep.

“Our brains collect information from our surroundings and translate this into chemical signals, releasing different hormones in response,” Wash said. “Green is a color known to be good for relaxation, softer shades of greens especially.”

Best Choice Products Pencil Christmas Tree

Add a thin pencil tree to save space.

The nostalgia of decorating a tree can also help aid in feelings of relaxation according to Wash. He said many have strong, happy memories associated with decorating for Christmas that bring them back to their childhoods. Having a tree in your bedroom can help remind you of those easy days making relaxation easier and in turn, making falling asleep easier as well.

Now, if you want to add a tree to your bedroom, it’s time to decorate. Check out these fun food decor ideas for something a bit more unique.

[Via House Beautiful UK]

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