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This Showerhead Cleaning Method Is So Easy

water flows from a shower head.
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While you might be great about cleaning your bathroom every week, we all miss a few details every now and then. If it’s time to deep clean your shower head, the task doesn’t have to be daunting.

There’s a quick and easy showerhead cleaning hack that’ll allow you to do minimal work but get a sparkling clean.

To clean your shower head, you’ll need a large plastic bag, distilled white vinegar, a rubber band, and a scrubbing brush. First, fill the bag with vinegar. Then, attach it to your shower head or faucet with the rubber band being sure that any part where water comes out is covered in vinegar. Once attached, allow the showerhead to soak in the vinegar for an hour. When the time has passed, remove the bag and scrub with a cleaning brush or toothbrush. Rinse and you’ll have a pristine shower head that you barely had to do any work to get clean.

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Why is it important to deep clean your shower head, though?

“Over time, showerheads can develop calcium, limescale, and other mineral buildups from hard water,” said Vera Peterson, president of Molly Maid. “The mineral buildup creates a blockage at the end of the showerhead, making it difficult for water to pass through.”

The next time you feel as though your shower isn’t performing as well as you’d like, it might be time to get to cleaning the head. While you’re at it, check out this clever hack for keeping your shower clean all the time.

[Via Reader’s Digest]

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