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13 Ways to Use Candy Corn, So You Actually Want to Eat It

bright candy corn candies in a white bowl on a table
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An excess of candy corn seems inevitable around Halloween. Even if you’re not a fan of the traditional treat on its own, we bet you’ll love it as part of other seasonal sweets. So we’ve put together a collection of 13 candy corn recipes, you’ll actually want to eat (or drink).  

There’s no way you’re getting through October without at least a few spare bags of white and orange striped morsels entering your home, so you might as well have a few recipes in your back pocket. Candy corn might not be your all-time favorite treat, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it. Whether it’s in a simple sugar cookie or all dolled up in a martini glass, we’re here to prove candy corn deserves a place at the treat table, too, and not just as a vase filler. 

Baked Goods

Delicious crunchy candy bars made with butterscotch and candy corn.
Kelsie Roehl/The Itsy-Bitsy Kitchen

Fall goes with baking like maple goes with syrup. Since you’re already turning on the oven, might as well use up that extra candy corn.

Candy Corn & White Chocolate Blondies: Blondies are the new brownies, and candy corn is the new chocolate chip. Okay, maybe not quite, but at least these are a delicious way to use up extra candy corn!

Get the Recipe: Averie Cooks

Candy Corn Cookies: Nothing screams Halloween like candy corn baked into a cookie. Make these for a fun, seasonal themed treat perfect for classroom Halloween parties.

Get the Recipe: Sizzling Eats

Butterscotch & Candy Corn Magic Bars: Magic bars are known for containing all the toppings. Chocolate, coconut, peanut butter, you name it, and you can probably find it in a magic bar recipe. But we’ve yet to see a recipe top this, which includes sweet butterscotch and, of course, candy corn. 

Get the Recipe: Itsy Bitsy Kitchen

Candy Corn Chocolate Cookie Cake: When all else fails, throw that extra candy corn on a giant cookie cake. We promise any candy tucked into a cookie cake is sure to be devoured.

Get the Recipe: Life, Love, and Sugar

Oven-Free No-Bake Treats

Candy Corn Peanut Butter Bars with candy corn, resting on a kitchen counter.
Elizabeth LaBau/The Spruce Eats

No-bake treats are the perfect way to use up extra candy corn without a lot of effort. Make candy bars, chocolate bark, or bright orange truffles that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Candy Corn Peanut Butter Bars: If you thought making your own candy bars was hard, think again. These no-bake, three-ingredient, candy bars are easy enough to make in your own kitchen, and they’ll use up all your extra candy corn.

Get the Recipe: The Spruce Eats

White Chocolate Candy Bark: We love the sweet and salty combination in this one. Candy corn, peanuts, and Reeses Pieces come together on a white chocolate canvas, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Get the Recipe: Brit.co

Candy Corn No Bake Truffles: Truffles aren’t just for chocolate lovers. This candy corn take on a one-bite dessert is perfect for this time of year.

Get the Recipe: Parade

Trick-or-Treat Caramel Corn: Would Halloween really be complete without caramel corn? This is a great recipe for using up candy corn, and it makes scary movies way sweeter. 

Get the Recipe: Land O’ Lakes

No-Churn Candy Corn Ice Cream: If you live in warmer climates but still want all the fall-flavored treats, this one is for you. Stay cool and use up that extra candy corn with a no-churn candy corn inspired ice cream.

Get the Recipe: Delish

Cocktails, Mocktails, and More

A candy corn cocktail, rimmed with pop rocks.
Toni Dash/Boulder Locavore

Candy corn isn’t just for eating. It readily dissolves to create flavored beverages of all types, too. From martinis to hot chocolate, you’ll find all sorts of classic drinks are better with candy corn.

Candy Corn Martinis: For the 21 and over crowd, there might be no better way to use up that extra bag of candy corn than by making a candy-corn-infused vodka. This one gives an extra punch with a pop-rock coated glass rim.

Get the Recipe: Boulder Locavore

Candy Corn Punch (Non-Alcoholic): A great way to keep a party festive while still kid-friendly, this three-ingredient punch is too easy not to throw together.

Get the Recipe: Nellie Bellie

Candy Corn Hot Chocolate: After a long night of trick-or-treating, there’s nothing better to come home to than hot chocolate. Leave the regular stuff for weeknights and celebrate Halloween with this candy-corn take on a chocolate classic. 

Get the Recipe: The Magical Slow Cooker

Candy Corn Simple Syrup : How you choose to use this one is up to you. Use it over pumpkin pancakes, pour it in your next cocktail creation, or try it over sweet ice cream.  No matter what you use it for, this versatile syrup is the perfect way to use up extra candy corn. 

Get the Recipe: Daily Dish Recipes

Whether or not you love this quintessential Halloween candy, you can’t deny it’s versatility. You may find its bright orange color and sickly sweet flavor to be too bold on its own. But, when mixed into batter, hardened into bars, or dissolved into vodka, it’s hard to say you don’t like candy corn.

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