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ALDI Is Selling a Christmas Cactus

A Christmas cactus sits on a table.
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It’s no secret that many people became plant parents over the past two years. For those who are still loving their plethora of plants, there’s one on sale right now that’s particularly seasonally appropriate.

ALDI is selling a Christmas cactus for just $4.99 in stores, and it will make the perfect present for yourself or any plant person.

If you’re not familiar with the plant, it features succulent-like branches that bloom into bright red and pink flowers at the ends. It’s actually called the Christmas cactus because it blooms in winter, but its red and green color palette certainly doesn’t hurt its moniker.

One of the reason’s for the plant’s rise in popularity could be how easy it is to care for. The cactus likes bright, indirect sunlight and only requires watering when the first inch of soil feels dry. When that happens, add water until you see it draining from the bottom.

The cacti have gotten increasingly popular as of late popping up on Instagram and TikTok, and now you can get your own for a stellar price at ALDI. You’ll need to head into the store to snag your new plant baby as the retailer doesn’t offer online shopping, but you can find your local store using the ALDI locator tool. Of course, you can always call to ensure the plants are in stock before you head that way.

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