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The One Place You Should Never Hide Christmas Presents

A Christmas present is wrapped and sitting on top of another.
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If you’ve got kiddos or a particularly curious adult loved one, hiding gifts during the holidays can get difficult. Avoiding one spot in particular, though, might help you evade them.

According to a survey from Neighbor, a shared storage service, a bedroom closet is the worst place to hide Christmas presents.

The service (which we’ve actually featured) used service Pollfish to survey 1,000 Americans aged 16 and older regarding their gifting habits. The most popular place to look for a hidden gift? A bedroom closet.

In fact, the bedroom, in general, appears to be a terrible place to stash presents. While the bedroom closet was the place 25% percent of respondents looked first, the other popular location was under the bed. Don’t think getting the presents out of the house helps that much either. Coming in at the third most searched was the trunk of the car.

If these are the spaces you shouldn’t hide your kids’ or loved ones’ presents, where should you? Storage units were the least searched spaces according to the survey, but if you don’t have one of those, you can always try the bathroom, a shed, or right under your kids’ noses in their bedrooms. All of those locations were among the least likely places people would look for hidden gifts.

Those who have all their gifts purchased and hidden? That’s great. If you haven’t quite gotten all your gifts quite yet, though, check out our holiday gift guide for inspiration.

[Via Martha Stewart]

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