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This Is America’s Favorite Type of Cake

A group of cakes sit on a table.

We all have our favorite cakes, but how does yours stack up against everyone else’s? Thanks to a recent survey, we now know America’s favorite cake.

According to results from a survey commissioned by Shane Co., ice cream cake is America’s favorite cake.

To get these results, Shane Co., looked at Google Trends for the 30 most common cake flavors in the past year. Once the results were compiled, ice cream cake came out on top in 10 different states that span the United States from Maryland all the way to Washington state. With seven different states, strawberry cake came in second place, and molten lava cake came in third with five different states dubbing it the best.

A graphic shows the most popular cakes in America.
Shane & Co.

If you’re not a fan of the top three, you’re likely going to be shocked to hear where some other popular cakes finished. White cake, the classic staple for birthdays, was one of the last-place finishers with just one state dubbing it the best. Other popular desserts, like carrot cake and red velvet, also finished low on the list garnering two and one state respectively.

If you were planning to make a red velvet cake this holiday season, you might want to rethink those plans. While it might be cold outside, apparently, what people really want is ice cream cake.

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[Via Martha Stewart]

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