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You Can Clean This Neglected Kitchen Area with Very Little Effort

water runs from a kitchen faucet.
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You might keep your kitchen sparkling, and that’s great. However, one out-of-sight, out-of-mind area might be getting skipped.

Your kitchen faucet needs to be cleaned just as your kitchen sink does, and if you’ve been skipping this step, there’s some good news. You’ll barely have to do any work to get it clean.

According to a TikTik from content creators The GG Sisters, all you need to clean your kitchen faucet is a plastic bag and some distilled white vinegar. First, you’ll fill a plastic bag with vinegar. Then, you’ll dip the faucet into the bag, secure it with a rubber band, and let sit for an hour. When time’s up, all the mildew and hard water buildup will have come right off.


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Your kitchen sink isn’t the only place this hack works, either. You can also use it to clean your showerhead. Take the same steps, and when you remove the bag, scrub the head with a brush to get all of the hard water buildups off.

While you’re cleaning the faucet, don’t forget about the drain as well. The good news, it’s almost as easy to clean. You can check out our guide here.

[Via Well + Good]

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