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This Cult-Favorite Cleaner Is Perfect for Stainless-Steel Appliances

A kitchen with stainless steel appliances

You clean your countertops and your sink, but has your stainless steel been neglected? You might already have just what you need to keep it clean.

While you likely know the cleaner Bar Keepers Friend as a way to get your kitchen sink, bathroom, and cookware sparkling, it’s actually good for your stainless steel appliances, too.

The Kitchn writer Shifrah Combiths put five different methods for cleaning stainless steel to the test, and Bar Keepers Friend came out on top.

According to Combiths, to use the cleaner, you simply pour the powder onto a dual-sided sponge and use the rougher side to scrub the steel. Then, rinse the sponge and wipe down the surface to avoid residue. When finished, Combiths recommends buffing the area with a microfiber rag to polish it.

Bar Keepers Friend Powdered Cleanser

Get your stainless steel spotless.

According to Combiths, not only does Bar Keepers Friend get your stainless steel sparkling and leave no residue or streaks, but it can also help remove any rust that has built on the material as well.

Bar Keepers Friend wasn’t her only method, though, and while it was dubbed her favorite, Combiths test four others, and two of them had very close results to the cult classic cleaner. If you want to see all of Combiths’ tests, you can find her experiment here.

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[Via The Kitchn]

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