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Does Adding Soda to Your Christmas Tree Help It Live Longer?

Ball ornaments decorate a Christmas tree.

Most Christmas tree hacks out there reveal already decorating. However, there’s one popular trick that supposedly helps your tree live longer.

Does putting citrus soda in your Christmas tree water help it live longer? According to some, yes, but is it true?

The rationale behind placing citrus soda in your tree’s water comes from the fact that it’s no longer connected to the ground by roots and can’t make food for itself. By adding soda, you’re providing citric acid and sugar which can essentially be converted into food for the tree.

Sounds pretty accurate, right? Well, wait just a second before reaching for that Sprite. The Christmas tree experts disagree.

Krinner Genie Christmas Tree Stand

Keep your tree fresh with this stand.

The National Christmas Tree Association says that adding any substance you’ve seen rumored to help online is a no-go. That includes everything from bleach to aspirin to fertilizer, and yes, soda. According to the association’s website, research says tap water is the only way to go. In fact, adding in extras could ham your tree’s ability to retain moisture and cause needle loss. At the end of the day, plain water is the real way to keep your tree fresh.

This year, skip those online hacks when it comes to your tree’s freshness, but if you’re on the hunt for decorating hacks, there’s plenty like this one that gives you an easy way to fill in gaps in your tree.

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