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This Clever Hack Doubles the Space in Your Fridge

A person places a rack on top of a bowl.

It’s the holidays, and for most people, that means lots of food. Let’s be honest, though, most of us only have a finite amount of space in our fridges. Thankfully, there’s a hack for that.

TikTok content creator @livecomposed has created a clever hack for stacking bowls in your fridge to create more space.

In their video, you can see a clear glass bowl already full of food sitting on the fridge shelf.  They then place a metal cooling rack over top to create a second shelf and stick another bowl right on top. The result is a second shelf that can now store even more leftovers or meal prep.


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The rack isn’t the only tip they showcased, though. According to the content creator, ice buckets are another secret organization hack. Using two plastic buckets, the creator makes separate sections for food storage ensuring that your vegetables and fruits stay apart. They can also be used to organize other items often found in drawers like cheeses and sandwich meat.

Bino Plastic Storage Bins

Keep your fridge organized.

This isn’t @livecomposed’s only clever hack, though. She was also the mind behind a viral wall cleaning hack.

Whether you need a clean home or your fridge organized, she’s got you covered.

[Via Real Homes]

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