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How to Create Perfect Gift Wrap Bows Using Just Paper

A person cuts paper to form a bow.

You went to the store and snagged all the bags and gift wrap you need to finish up presents. Turns out, though, that you forgot bows. Good thing there’s a hack for that.

Instagram Content creator @dekorhomedekor (whose name is Esra) showcased how you can use only paper and scissors to create the perfect bow for gifts.

In the video, Esra starts with a piece of paper about an inch and a half thick and turns it vertically before folding it in half through the center. She then cuts the bottom half of the paper into a stretched-out triangle before rounding out the end. Then, she repeats the same cuts on the other side of the paper.

When finished cutting, she unfolds the paper to reveal what looks a lot like an untied bowtie. Next, she cuts two small slats into the thinnest part of the paper. Then, she folds the paper to slip the newly cut pieces into one another and presses the center together. The result is an adorable-looking bow. She tapes it down onto a gift box, and voila!

The clever hack might take a little bit of practice at first. After all, the cuts are fairly precise, but since all it requires is paper and scissors, it won’t be costly. Why not give it a shot?

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