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Why You Should Freeze a Quarter While You’re on Vacation

A person freezes a cup of water.
Emerald Outlaw/TikTok

Those going out of town for the holidays likely know to unplug their appliances and turn their heater down. There’s one more thing you should do before you head out.

Freezing a quarter in water will help you know if you lost power while you were out of town.

This hack is pretty widely known, but it has become popular online thanks to content creator Emerald Outlaw. In her video, Outlaw shows herself placing a clear, plastic cup full of water into the freezer. After it’s frozen solid, she places a quarter at the top of the ice. She then keeps the cup in her freezer while she’s away. When she comes home, if the quarter is anywhere other than the top, it means her fridge and freezer lost power.


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Why does losing power matter if you weren’t even home for it? The deeper the quarter is in the refrozen water, the longer your power was off. If you’ve ever lost power before, you know that the food in your fridge could go bad if your electricity is out for long enough. If the quarter is deep, you’ll want to double-check your food to ensure it hasn’t spoiled while you were away.

After you’ve added the quarter to your freezer, don’t forget these additional steps to ensure you and your home is prepared for travel. 

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