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Serving Appetizers at Your Next Party? These Tools Will Help

A bowl labled "Salsa" and one labeled "Guacamole," a three tier serving platter with finger foods, and two chip and dip trays with snacks.

Have a party coming up and you’re on the hunt for attractive ways to serve all of your delicious hors d’oeuvres, look no further! From serving tongs to fancy tiered stands, we’ve rounded up some of the handiest serving items every host or hostess should have.

Whether it’s a New Year’s party, a Super Bowl party, or you’re just hosting a party for the sake of getting together some friends, the right tools and accessories can make your food presentation memorable.

A Cheese Knife Set

Two images of the BOSKA cheese knives

Having a set of cheese knives on hand is always wise. Think about how often you pull out a block of cheddar or a soft roll of goat cheese to serve with crackers, fruit, or rustic bread.

Having at least a few proper utensils for slicing hard cheeses and serving soft ones will elevate your food presentation game without a doubt.

BOSKA Cheese Knife Set

Slice, spread, and share the love of delicious cheese with style.

A Lovely Charcuterie Board

A few cutting boards arranged with lovely ingredients.

If a cheese knife set is a must for you and your party style, then a gorgeous cutting board to accompany it is likely on your list, too.

We love this high-quality Acacia wood board because it comes in three double-sided parts with joining magnetic strips. This way, you can arrange your board and presentation any way you see fit, depending on the ingredients you plan to serve.

Whether you’re making a fun snack board or looking to impress guests with fancy spreads of cheese and cured meats, your board is sure to shine.

Shanik Charcuterie Board Set

This gorgeous set has adjoining magnetic sides.

A Mini Serving Tong Set

Two images of HINMAY mini tongs being put to use.

Mini tongs are a fantastic addition to any kitchen, especially if you love entertaining. That’s because most appetizers are finger foods, but no one wants anyone else’s fingers on thier helping, especially right now.

Mini tongs are the sanitary solution for those fried cheese curds and crispy wings, so no one will have to worry about germy fingertips touching their food. This three-pack is stainless steel and also features silicone coatings, which make it easy to grip any type of food.

HINMAY Mini Tongs

The sanitary solution for any party.

A Set of Serving Spoons

Two images displaying the AOOSY spoons over a blue kitchen linen with some plates nearby.

Serving spoons are a necessity if you’ll be including dips or saucy foods in your spread. While any old utensil will do the trick, it’s nice to have a matching set of specialty spoons for special occasions.

For an excellent price, you can pick up this set of six, which includes six, 8-7-inch spoons. Three are perforated and three aren’t, and you can also get them in sleek black or stainless steel.

AOOSY Serving Spoons

Sleek and stylish for any occasion.

Three-Tier Serving Stand

Two images that display the LAUCHUH serving stand with foods on it for a small get together.

Serving dishes are a must, obviously, but having a set or two that match, or are even the same color, will present nicely. We recommend white because it makes your food pop. Plus, a collection of white serving platters will match everything.

We especially love this three-tier serving stand, complete with a sturdy rack to elevate each dish for a lovely presentation. The three rectangular platters are perfect for sweet or savory finger foods, and they can be used without the stand. You’ll love having this handy set to use for birthdays, cocktail parties, brunches, and more.

LAUCHUH Three-Tier Serving Stand

Sure to make your food pop!

A Platter for Veggies and Chips

Two images of snacks displayed in the LAUCHUH chip and dip trays.

Whether you plan to serve chips and dip or just need a compartment-style platter for Taco Tuesday, this set of serving trays is perfect!

Again, because these porcelain platters are white, they allow your delicious apps to attract all of the attention. They’re made of nontoxic ceramic, come in two sizes, and are also dishwasher safe. Because these are suitable for any occasion, you’ll use them often.

LAUCHUH Chip & Dip Serving Set , Nine-Inch

Perfect for veggies, chips and dip, fruit, cheese, and more.

Ceramic Dip Server

A MyGift stand with three ramekins displaying foods like guacamole, and salsa for a party.

We’re all about dips, especially around the new year, and this mini sampler set is a fantastic way to show off a few tasty varieties at once. You can fill these with dips, condiments, sauces, or a mix of all three.

It’ll really come in handy for summer cookouts to hold ketchup, mustard, and relish. Or, use it for a kid’s birthday party to hold ice cream sundae toppings, like sprinkles, cherries, fudge, and nuts. Each bowl measures 3.5 x 2.5 inches and comes with a lid and mini spoon. A bamboo serving tray secures them all in place.

MyGift Ramekin Set of 3 with a Stand

Perfect for serving dips, sauces, and condiments.

A Guac and Salsa Bowl Set

A Mud Pie bowl set featuring bowls for salsa and guacamole witha spoon and ingredients for both in the background.
Mud Pie

Guacamole and salsa need some love, too, which is why we adore this cute bowl set by Mud Pie. The three-piece set includes one bowl for salsa, one for guac, and a wooden serving spoon.

The guacamole bowl measures 2.75 x 3.5 inches, and the salsa bowl measures 3 x 4.5 inches. They’re a tad small, but refillable, and you won’t have to worry about anything hitting temps that are too warm and spoiling.

Mud Pie Salsa and Guac Bowl Set

An adorable way to serve spicy salsa and zesty guacamole!

A Mini Slow Cooker

A soman holding a 2.5 quart crockpot slowcooker filled with a delicious entree.

When you have a small hot appetizer that needs to stay warm, a mini slow cooker can save the day! This 2.5-quart Crockpot is perfect for just that, whether you’re hosting a party or taking a dish to someone else’s.

It has lid-mounted clips that keep it secure in transit, and the stoneware insert is both oven- and dishwasher-safe. It’s the perfect way to keep your hot food hot and your guests happy.

2.5 Quart Crockpot Slow Cooker

Keeps your hot dips and apps warm.

A Buffet Server

The Elite Gourmet Triple Bufet Server filled with food and sitting on a kitchen counter.
Elite Gourmet

If one mini slow cooker just won’t cut it for your bash, check out this fantastic triple buffet server. Each of the three trays measures 12.5 x 7 x 2 inches and comes with a glass lid, perfect for serving three different appetizers at once.

Hot spinach and artichoke dips, nachos, and meaty sliders are just a few of the yummy foods you could use this serving whiz for. Once you use it, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!

Elite Gourmet Triple Buffet Server

The perfect way to keep multiple hot apps warm.

If you entertain often and tend to serve lots of appetizers and finger foods, some (or all) of these serving tools are sure to come in handy. So stock up, and while you’re at it, make sure you have everything you need to make those fancy cocktails.

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