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You Should Avoid Downsizing This Home Feature

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If you’ve purchased a house knowing you’d eventually sell it, there are some things you shouldn’t change. According to one home expert, downsizing one feature might make that sale harder.

According to Bailey Carson, home expert at Angi, storage spaces like closets and pantries are the one thing you should never downsize.

This sounds pretty obvious at first, right? Why would you shrink a closet or utility closet? For homeowners looking to expand areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms, though, eliminating storage space is a simple way to get the extra space they need. Carson warns against prioritizing space over storage, though.

Carson said that you shouldn’t skimp on closets just to get a larger room or an area for a window. She added that storage is important to potential buyers, and a lack of options or downsized spaces could deter a potential buyer.

This isn’t the first time storage space has been touted as a great sell for houses. Back in July,  Ellen Schwartz, a real estate broker at Compass, explained that walk-in pantries are a major selling point for potential buyers. They can not only act as storage but as a go-between space when serving meals.

If you’re looking to expand a bathroom or kitchen, you might want to rethink sacrificing a closet or pantry for it. Instead of more space, you might want to try this value-adding upgrade instead.

[Via Southern Living]

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