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The Best 2022 Planners to Keep Your Life Organized

Planners sit on top of desks.
The Happy Planner/Papier/Lemome

With the new year nearly here, you might have aspirations of getting more organized. Arguably, one of the easiest ways to do that is with a planner. If you’re on the hunt for just the right planner for 2022, we’ve done all the work for you!

Whether you want to track fitness, wellness, nutrition, or your progress to your financial goals, there’s a planner for that! If you need an assistant to help you stay a bit more on track in the new year, one of these 2022 planners is sure to do the trick.

Best Student Planner

A planner features space for academic tasks like tests and studying.
Class Tracker

Most students always have a lot on their plate. There are some very specific things you have to keep track of, like tests, study groups, and assignments. With all of that, it’s easy for something to get lost in the cracks.

This planner from Class Tracker has everything you need to keep track of your school schedule. You can record daily to-do lists, assignment due dates, and there’s even a space to keep track of your self-care habits. Plus, all of these sections are prefilled in the planner, so all you have to do is fill in the deets.

Best Student Planner

Class Tracker Academic Planner for Students 2021-2022

All your academic tasks at you fingertips.

Best Minimalist Planner

A person writes in a planner.

Those who are new to planners or just prefer a simpler style will love this option from Lemome. The minimal design features a sleek, gray cover with the year, ribbon place holders, and an elastic closure. The interior, however, is where it really shines.

You get a full, two-page spread for each week that has plenty of space for to-do lists and events, without any clutter. There’s also a two-page overview of the year and a list of major holidays in the front. It’s everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Best Minimalist Planner

Best Digital Planner

Planner pages are displayed.
Digital Planner Start/Etsy

Not everyone wants to carry around a planner, and some people just don’t like paper goods, which is totally fine. Thanks to Etsy, you can now download a planner. If you’ve got a tablet and a digital pen, you’ve also got an affordable electronic planner.

This option by Digital Planner Start features yearly, monthly, and weekly overview pages, and digital stickers you can add for a little pizzazz. There are also spots to add daily to-do lists, or track your habits, sleep, and finances. You can also choose from 90 different “cover” designs.

Best Planner for Goals

A planner is open on a table top.
Passion Planner

Creators and those with big goals need to grab this Passion Planner. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a planning system for your goals and passions. It features tons of prompts to get you thinking about whatever it is you’re trying to achieve.

At the beginning of the journal, you create a “Passion Roadmap,” where you write down all your goals, and then move on to the prompts designed to help you achieve them.

In addition to the more journal-like aspects of this planner, it’s practical. There are weekly spreads broken down by times of day, as well as spaces for to-do lists and weekly goals. If you’ve got a lot of aspirations for 2022, this is the planner for you.

Best On-the-Go Planner

A small planner is pulled from a bag.

If you’re always on the go and don’t want to carry around a full-sized notebook, but do want a traditional paper planner, Papier’s Le Moderne Planner is ideal. It’s small (barely bigger than an iPhone Plus) and perfect for tossing in a bag as you head out the door. It also offers simple ways to organize your thoughts and to-do lists.

Given its small size, there are no frills—it’s just a simple weekly calendar with a monthly overview and year-at-a-glance. So, everything you need in a planner in one tiny package.

Best Wellness Planner

A planner reads Take Care on the cover.

Those looking to adopt better habits and indulge in more self-care in 2022 should check out Ban.do’s Wellness Planner. Inside, you get motivational phrases and encouragement, and space to list all of the following:

  • Movies
  • TV series
  • Music
  • Habit tracking
  • To-do lists

Think of it as a bullet journal you don’t have to set up yourself.

Best Budget Planner

A planner is open on a desk.
Erin Condren

If you already have a traditional planner, but also want a place to keep track of your financial goals, Erin Condren’s Budget Planner is ideal.

It’s part financial journal, part budget tracker, and even includes prompts to help you examine how you feel about your finances. There are areas to jot down goals, list future purchases, and some premade budget sheets to record your spending.

Basically, if it’s financial and you want to track it, this is the planner you want.

Best Undated Planner

A planner sits on a desk.
The Happy Planner

When it comes to starting new habits, like using a planner, you might not be the most consistent as the year goes on, and that’s fine! This Undated Planner from The Happy Planner allows you to pick up the habit any time.

The spiral-bound notebook features pages of monthly and weekly spreads you can customize to your liking with stickers and doodles. And if you miss a week, no big deal! Just fill in the current date and keep going. You won’t have to leave any pages blank because you missed those dates.

If you’re already thinking about your 2022 goals and want to ensure you’re as organized as you can be when the new year arrives, a planner will absolutely help you stay on track. Happy New Year!

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