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Use This Trick to Keep Your Groceries Organized

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If you’re anything like me, you get home from the grocery store and throw your items into storage however feels the least time-consuming. However, there’s a trick you can use that’ll make it both faster and more organized.

Taking all of your groceries out of their bags and grouping them in related batches will make your life much more organized and easier.

While this technique might seem like it will take more time, it’s actually more effective when you think about the long term. First, you’ll empty all of your groceries from their bags. Then, you’ll group them together by storage area and type. For example, all of your frozen goods should be together and all of the goods going into a pantry should be together. Then, once everything is organized, simply slide the items into their respective storage spaces. Viola! You’ve got organized groceries.

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While sure, this might take a little more time at first, it’ll prevent you from rearranging your snack drawer, your fridge, or your pantry as everything will already be in its perfect place. Plus, once everything is organized on your countertops, you won’t need to run back and forth from your fridge to your pantry multiple times to get everything put away.

Next time you head out to buy groceries and bring them home, this method might be worth a try. If you need help organizing your pantry before you try it, though, check out these tips (or these for your fridge).

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