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Do This to Get a Deeper Clean in the Bathroom

A woman cleans a toilet.
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Cleaning the bathroom seems pretty simple, right? But what if you could get a deeper clean doing practically no extra work?

To get the deepest clean possible, you should let your cleaners sit for a moment before wiping them away.

Your cleaner, regardless of what it is, needs time to get to work before you wipe it away. Once you spray it down—be it on your toilet or other bathroom fixture—allow it to sit for a minute or two to really remove any sort of watermarks or product buildup. Then, you can wipe the surface down.

Lysol Disinfectant Spray

Let that Lysol sit!

If you’re using a disinfectant while cleaning your bathroom (here’s looking at you, toilet seat), this is particularly important. These formulas have something called contact time. That’s the amount of time it takes to kill off any germs, bacteria, or microorganisms that might be sitting on surfaces. Remove the cleaner too soon, and your bathroom won’t be disinfected.

Cleaners sometimes list the contact time (like Lysol spray which has a note that a surface should stay wet for three minutes then be allowed to air dry for 10 minutes), but when it doesn’t, it’s safe to assume that it never actually needs to be wiped away.

The next time you’re cleaning the bathroom, let that cleaner sit for a while (and give yourself a quick break). For those dreading that next cleaning, check out these tips for making it less awful.

[Via Southern Living]

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