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New Year’s Eve Bar Accessories to Throw the Perfect Party

Champagne is in stemless flutes, an ice cube glows, and a martini is full of shimmer.
N9R/Windy City Novelties/Bakell

It might seem hard to believe, but the end of the year is just about here. If you plan to celebrate with friends, family, and booze, it’s time to get shopping! While you might already have some of the most common bar supplies on hand, you probably don’t have any of these cool New Year’s Eve-themed accessories.

If you’ll be hosting a New Year’s Eve party, large or small, a few of these drink-themed goodies can make the event even more festive. Feeling inspired to go full confetti cannon with your drinks? Then, you’ll love these New Year’s Eve drink accessories.


Straws are decorated with gold patterns.

While champagne is one of the more expected beverages for New Year’s Eve, festive cocktails can also make an appearance.

If you’re planning to whip up a mixed drink that requires a straw—think winter mojitos or margaritas—why not opt for this pack, decorated with golden stars, stripes, and chevrons? Plus, they’re made of biodegradable material, so you won’t have to feel bad when you throw them away.


A black napkin has gold dots along the bottom.
Party Chic

Everything doesn’t have to be emblazoned with 2022 to be New Year’s Eve festive. These fun party napkins will help your guests keep their alcohol and snacks off their hands as they mingle.

They’ll also prevent water stains on your furniture when people set their drinks down. Plus, you get a pack of 50, so you might even have some left for next year’s bash. The non-descript style will work for any celebration, though, so go ahead and break them out for that February birthday party.

PARTY CHIC Black and Gold Dot Disposable Napkin

Perfect for New Year's Eve and any other celebration.

Diamond Ice Cubes

An ice mold is shaped like diamonds.
True Zoo

You’ll want to keep your guests’ drinks cold as they mingle. For those hosting a more glamorous soirée, these diamond ice molds are spectacular. The tray only makes six ice cubes, though, so you might want to purchase a few extras if you’re hosting a larger gathering.

Thanks to its silicone material, the tray is also easy to bend so it’s a cinch to pop out those cubes. The diamond-shaped cubes are also oversized so they’ll last longer in your guests’ glasses in addition to looking snazzy.

TrueZoo Diamond Silicone Mold Tray

Even ice cubes can go glam.

Edible Glitter

A martini glass is filled with a gold glittery drink.

Regardless of which drinks you make on New Year’s Eve, a bit of edible glitter is sure to jazz it up! From champagne to cocktails, toss in a teaspoon of sparkles, and watch everyone’s mood get even more festive.

Don’t worry—you won’t swallow any nasty chunks or anything. Think of this as more of a shimmer powder than the glitter you’ll likely have stuck all over your face at the end of the night.

Gold Brew Glitter

Add some shimmer to your sips.

Decorative Glasses

A bartender extends a stemless champagne flute.

No matter how much we all might try to drink moderately on New Year’s Eve, sometimes, it just doesn’t happen. This can lead to dropped drinks and broken glass. Why sacrifice your nicest barware?

Instead, opt for shatterproof plastic, like these chic stemless champagne flutes. The gold rims make them look perfectly festive. You can also snag the same design in a 16-ounce wine glass, if you prefer.

Drink Markers

Words associated with champagne are made into stickers.

With multiple people likely drinking the same cocktail out of the same sort of glasses, beverages are bound to get mixed up when folks set them down. Drink markers prevent this from happening—and let’s get real, who wants to be drinking out of someone else’s glass right now?

These clever clings attach to a glass so your guests will always know which one is theirs. You might also want to check out this cute wine-centric option or this funny set that would work for many occasions.

Cocktail Stirrers

Gold and glittering cocktail stirrers sit in a glass.

Many drinks, like White Russians, Old Fashioneds, and Negronis, do not require straws. However, they do need to be mixed to prevent certain ingredients from floating to the top or sinking to the bottom. For this, drink stir sticks are a necessity!

These simple gold glitter sticks are ideal. They’re made of durable plastic and can be used to mix hot or cold drinks. Plus, if you’re serving appetizers that require toothpicks, they can double as a more decorative version of those, too.

Disposable Plastic Cocktail Swizzle Stir Sticks

100 gold swizzle sticks for under $15? Yes, please!

LED Ice Cubes

An ice cube glows in rainbow colors.
Windy City Novelties

If you’re going for a more glamorous New Year’s Eve vibe, you can opt for the diamond ice cube molds we mentioned previously. However, if you’re throwing a real partay, this set of 12 LED ice cubes is the way to go.

You just freeze them, and then they’re push-activated before you plop them in a drink. They’re battery-powered, safe, nontoxic, and yes, your guests will probably want to take them home.

Multi Color Light-Up LED Ice Cubes

Who needs glow sticks when you've got these babies?

If there were ever a year to celebrate the end of, this one is likely it. If you’ve got some guests coming over to help you welcome the new year, these bar accessories are the perfect way to add some extra pizzazz to your bash.

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