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10 TikTok Cocktails That Are Perfect for New Year’s Eve

Three cocktails are displayed on countertops.

When you think of New Year’s Eve, you likely think of champagne, and yes, it’s a perfect celebratory beverage—but it’s not the only one. From vodka to gin, we’ve got lots of tasty cocktails that’ll help you ring in the New Year, and all of them are coming to you courtesy of TikTok.

TikTok is always a great place to go for recipes of any kind (feta pasta, anyone?), so why not cocktails? And boy, does it have them! Whether you wanna stick with something champagne-based to maintain a bit of tradition, or you’re looking for something that’ll help you stay awake until midnight, TikTok’s got it.

Lavender Lemon Drop


Reply to @coffee.shop.tok ✨Lavender Lemon Drop✨ for my darling friend! #spring #cocktail #drink #request #vodka #enjoy #OverShareInYourUnderwear 💕

♬ original sound - margaux

When you think of lemon drops, you might think spring. However, the beauty of the lemon drop is that it’s also an easy play on New Year’s Eve’s big event: the ball drop.

This version features a beautiful lilac shade, thanks to lavender syrup, which gives it a more festive twist. The light lemon flavor is perfect for sipping throughout the night without overpowering the flavors of your evening appetizers.

Winter Aperol Spritz


On the 12th day of Christmas we are making a Holiday Aperol Spritz #JBLGreekOut #holiday #christmas #cocktail #drink #bartender

♬ 25th of the 12th - 5 Alarm Christmas Players

If you went anywhere this summer, you likely saw someone drinking an Aperol spritz, so why not send off the year with one of its most popular cocktails with a New Year’s twist?

This version calls for prosecco, cranberry syrup, and a topper of soda water, along with the Aperol, or course, for a wintery take on this summer favorite. Plus, the prosecco and soda water make it bubbly, which is perfect for New Year’s Eve.



It’s negroniweek! Have you heard?! (Repost @join_jules) negroni #bartok

♬ FEEL THE GROOVE - Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

Not everyone plans to party on New Year’s Eve, and that’s just fine. Those looking for a slow sip for the hours until midnight can make a stout Negroni.

This traditional Italian cocktail combines gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth for a cherry flavor with a slightly bitter bite. Its stout mix of, well, all alcohol! It makes the perfect slow wind down to the new year.

Viski Crystal Negroni Tumblers

Serve your Negroni right.

Chambord Champagne


Gotta love a 3 ingredient cocktail (repost @juliannavezza) #cocktail #easyrecipes #chambord

♬ original sound - Steven Galloway

For those who want to maintain the New Year’s Eve tradition of popping a bottle of champagne, while also trying something a bit different will love this cocktail.

It’s simple (just three ingredients), and those who like raspberry will particularly adore it! This concoction features a splash of Chambord in champagne and a raspberry topper.

French 75


Classic and strong. #cocktail #newyear #newyearsdrink #drinktok #tiktoktails #mixology #classiccocktail #makeadrink #pvg

♬ Nuages - Django Reinhardt

If you’ve never had a French 75, New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to try one! This gin and champagne-based (yes, you read that right) cocktail is a personal favorite, and it packs a zesty punch.

It’s also a cinch to make! In a shaker of ice, you just combine gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup and shake until cold. Pour it into a coupe glass and top with champagne. A word of advice, though: pace yourself with this one. On several mornings, this writer has needed a little hair of the dog after drinking just two of these.

Bartender Kit by Aozita

Get the perfect, cold cocktail every time.

Sorbet Cocktail


New Year’s Eve cocktail & dessert all in one! 🥂 #newyearsdrink #newyearseve #champagne

♬ Wannabe - Spice Girls

While this beautiful drink might look like champagne poured over sorbet (which would be delicious on its own), it packs more of a punch than that.

For the base of this pink-hued cocktail, you blend lime juice and vodka, and then pour it into a glass. Next, you just scoop some raspberry sorbet into your glass, and then fill it with champagne. The result is a boozy cocktail and dessert in one.

Espresso Martini


The Espresso Martini Effect? 🍸follow me on IG: TheSpritzEffect #PepsiApplePieChallenge #cocktail #espressomartini #drinktok

♬ Levitating (feat. DaBaby) - Dua Lipa

Some of us struggle to stay awake when it’s past 10 p.m, let alone midnight! Luckily, there’s a cocktail that can help you fight off the sleepies.

This espresso martini is the way to go if you want to imbibe on the big night and put a little pep in your otherwise drowsy step. You just combine espresso, vodka, Kahlúa, and simple syrup in a shaker of ice, shake until chilled, and then strain into a martini glass.

Boly 1-4 Cup Expresso Coffee Machine

For those who need some help staying awake on NYE.

Pomegranate Mimosa


It doesn’t get more festive than this! #tipsybartender #christmas #drinks #champagne #alcoholtok

♬ All I Want for Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey

While you might associate mimosas with the morning after New Year’s Eve, this isn’t your average orange juice-based cocktail. Instead, you add pomegranate seeds to a champagne flute, and then add the bubbly on top. Top it off with a bit of grenadine, and you’ve got yourself a festive evening drink.

Spicy Moscow Mule


spicy ginger Moscow mule #moscowmule #gingerbeer #bettybuzz @bettybuzz #frozen #holidaydrink #mocktail

♬ Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! - Dean Martin

Moscow Mules are a perfect drink for any occasion, but this option, which is infused with spicy jalapeños and ginger, takes it up a notch for New Year’s Eve. This drink does require a bit of extra work, as you have to make a honey-based jalapeño and ginger syrup, but it’s definitely worth the effort!

Think of it as your typical mule with some cranberries and spice thrown in. You can get the entire recipe over on Half-Baked Harvest.

PG Moscow Mule Mugs, Set of Four

If you're making this cocktail, you'll need the official mugs.

Cotton Candy Champagne


New Years Eve Pink Champagne Cocktail #newyearseve #cocktailrecipe #cocktail #nye #champagne #21 #nyecocktail

♬ Pennies From Heaven - Louis Prima

Those who are all about the presentation will love this adorable cotton candy cocktail. With just two ingredients, it’s also a cinch to make, but the garnish is the star.

You just add 1/2 tablespoon of grenadine to a flute, and then pour champagne on top. For the presentation, though, you add a sliced strawberry to the rim, and—most importantly—top the glass with a piece of fluffy, pink cotton candy. Pop the candy in the glass for a delightful fizzy bonus!

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect New Year’s Eve cocktail, TikTok is stuffed with recipes. From more traditional champagne cocktails to exciting new takes on other classics, you’re sure to find something that’ll work for you and all your guests.

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