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The 6 Beauty Trends Everyone Will Be Talking About in 2022

Three women wearing makeup
Natasha Denona/Glow Recipe/Tower 28 Beauty

A new year means new trends in beauty and skincare. Curious about what trends are coming up in 2022? We’ve talked to the experts to find out!

Beauty trends are constantly evolving, and it can sometimes be hard to keep track of what’s new, what’s in, and what’s available.

We talked to two beauty experts to learn more about six of the top trends that they anticipate will be big in 2022. Here’s everything you need to know—and a few products to get ahead of the game.

Soft Smokey Eyes

A woman with smokey eyeshadow; a gray and cool-toned eyeshadow palette
Natasha Denona/CoverGirl

Smokey eyes are still a staple of the beauty world, although each year typically brings a slightly new take on the trend. This year, look for a softer variant to take center stage.

“Skip the cut crease and smoke out the top and bottom lashline with the same shade,” recommended celebrity makeup artist Cara Lovello. Cut creases are a method of contouring the eyes with high-contrast dark and light sections to create the illusion of bigger and brighter eyes. They make a big impact, but they also can be tricky to nail and have a very bold look.

2022 will see a twist on the smokey eye, going back to a softer and subtler version—and maybe one that’s a little easier for makeup novices! If you’re nervous about picking out a single shade yourself, go for a makeup palette designed for smokey eyes, so you can mix and match and try different colors. The CoverGirl truNAKED Eyeshadow Palette in Smoky offers eight colors, including six shades of cool-toned dark grays, perfect for finding your perfect color match and with an easy-to-blend formula.

COVERGIRL truNAKED Eyeshadow Palette, Smoky

A perfect starter palette for nailing the subtle smokey eye.

You can still play around with other elements of the smokey eye, like winged shadow and other quirky options. For a mini palette with smokey eyes in mind, try the Natasha Denona Mini Xenon Eyeshadow Palette. With five shades ranging from dark gray to pale silvery-white, it’s a great choice to start without being overwhelmed.

Multitasking Skincare Products

A woman holding up a bottle of pink serum; a white bottle of moisturizing hand sanitizer
Glow Recipe/Dove

“As much as some people love a 10-step routine, not everyone can commit to so many steps and people are seeking products that provide multiple benefits,” says board-certified dermatologist Dr. Marisa Garshick. “This may include sunscreens that also offer antioxidant benefits or serums that contain a few different ingredients to target several concerns.”

This trend of streamlining skincare in 2022 will mean more people looking to shorten their routine without losing the benefits. Garshick suggests serums that target multiple concerns at once, such as the Glow Recipe Guava Vitamin C Dark Spot Serum. It “combines a blend of vitamin C with tranexamic acid, which together helps to brighten and improve discoloration,” says Garshick.

Even hand sanitizer can be a multitasking product! Garshick recommends the Dove Nourishing Hand Sanitizer. “Not only does it work to effectively sanitize, but it also contains the Moisture Renew Blend to leave the skin feeling moisturized for up to 8 hours after use.”

Dove Nourishing Hand Sanitizer

Sanitize and moisturize all at once.

Blush on the Cheekbones and Temple

A woman wearing blush; three arms of different skin tones with blush swatches
Tower 28 Beauty/NUDESTIX

One trend that’s definitely carrying over into the new year? Blush applied high on the face.

“I don’t see the blush on the high cheekbones & temple trend going anywhere,” Lovello says. For best results, she suggests, “try a cream blush like Tower 28 Beauty or NUDESTIX.” Both brands specialize in vegan, clean formulations that go on smoothly and blend well for a subtle flush of color. Just apply high on the cheekbones and blend up towards the temples.

For a cream blush that can also do double duty for lips, try Tower 28 Beauty BeachPlease Lip + Cheek Cream Blush. With six different shades, you can choose one that works best for your skin and your style. It’s all in a subtle, tinted, creamy “balm” blush that highlights a little or a lot, depending on how you apply it.

NUDESTIX also has all-in-one sticks of cream blush that works as an all-over color for lips and eyes too. Pick your favorite shade in the NUDESTIX Nudies Matte Blush & Bronze. From subtle, sheer nude pinks to bolder shades of red and coral, there are plenty of options in an easy-to-apply stick form.

Skin Barrier Protection

A hand holding a blue bottle of serum; a container of Vaseline

“As we have all experienced the effects of mask wearing and what it has done to our skin barrier, there is an increased interest and respect for taking care of our skin barrier,” says Garshick. “This may be as simple as moisturizing the skin, using key ingredients such as ceramides which work to support the skin barrier as well as using products that provide a protective barrier, to help retain moisture and minimize irritation.”

Several products on the market specifically target, repair, and protect the skin barrier. Garshick suggests the Vichy Mineral 89 Prebiotic Recovery and Defense Concentrate, “which incorporates niacinamide, Vichy Volcanic Water, and vitreoscilla ferment, helping to aid and accelerate skin barrier recovery and improve skin changes.”

Vichy Mineral 89 Prebiotic Concentrate Serum

This serum contains multiple active ingredients to repair and protect the skin barrier.

Simplicity works too, at least to get a head start on protecting your skin, retaining moisture, and defending against irritation. Garshick’s recommendations also include the basic Vaseline Healing Jelly. “Simply applying [it] to the lips and areas of greatest pressure from mask wearing can help to reduce dryness and irritation,” she says.

Vaseline Healing Jelly

The medicine cabinet staple can provide quick and affordable skin protection.

Brown Kitten Liner with Shadow

A woman holding an angled makeup brush up to the camera; two hands holding an angled makeup brush

Lovello says that 2022 will see a change in eyeliner trends. “Skip the felt tip and give your eyes a lift with a pencil or angled brush dipped into a dark brown or charcoal shadow. Be sure to carry the line up with your eyes open, staring straight ahead, from your lower lashline,” she says.

If you’re going with the angled-brush application, make sure to have a reliable, slim brush with a thin, flat angle. The Sephora Collection PRO Eye Liner Brush #22 is tailor-made for eyeliner application, with short, firm bristles for a smooth, well-blended line every time.

The NYX Pro Angled Brush works similarly, with a small angled brush head that can be used for a sharp line or an angled sweep. Use it to draw a line with dark eyeshadow, then sweep it up to ensure your eyes look open and bright.

NYX Professional Makeup Pro Angled Brush

A super-affordable brush to create a simple eyeliner effect.

Focus on Neck Care

A woman applying neck cream; a pink jar with white neck cream in it
IT Cosmetics/No7

2022’s skincare trends are going beyond just face care! “With the so-called Zoom-boom and people spending more time on Zoom and looking at themselves, there has been increasing concerns related to wrinkles and textural changes involving the lower face and neck,” Garshick says. “As such, 2022 will see a lot of skincare products and in-office procedures targeting the neck, including tightening, firming and improving overall fine lines and texture.”

While some may choose to go with in-office procedures (Garshick mentions “neurotoxin and filler injections, Kybella, lasers, including laser resurfacing, radiofrequency microneedling and other energy-based devices”), others are looking for at-home products. The No7 Restore & Renew Face & Neck Multi Action Night Cream offers moisturizing and firming benefits in a simple night cream. Collagen peptides and hibiscus peptides help to lift and firm the skin, along with amino acids, ceramides, Vitamins C and E, and moisturizing shea butter.

No7 Restore & Renew Face & Neck Multi Action Night Cream

No7 Restore & Renew Night Cream works in harmony with your skin's natural nighttime repair processes to help restore skin's moisture barrier. With No7 Restore & Renew products, skin feels firmed.

Collagen and ceramides are common ingredients found in products targeting the neck and chest. They’re also key to the IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Neck Cream, a luxurious cream designed to revitalize and firm the delicate skin of the neck and upper chest. Fucoidan seaweed extract, elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid work together for multidimensional results.

Skincare trends like these are great to understand, but the foundation should always be a solid beauty routine that works best for you. No matter what’s “on trend,” basic elements like proper moisturizing and reliable sunscreen are always “in” and always important!

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