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Why a Toilet Paper Roll Is the Best Vacuum Hack

A person places a toilet paper roll on the hose of a vaccum.

When you’re cleaning, getting into tight spaces can prove difficult—particularly if you don’t have the exact materials or equipment you need. Sometimes, there’s a hack that can help.

Turns out, a toilet paper roll is the best hack for a vacuum.

TikTok content creator Carolina McCauley showed how you can use a clean roll to get right into a sliding door track and clean it. In her video, McCauley takes the hose from her vacuum and places a paper towel roll about halfway down the opening. She then pinches the edges of the roll together to form a thin, horizontal opening.

When she slips the toilet paper roll into the track, it creates an extension of the hose that fits perfectly, allowing her to suck up any dirt, leaves, and grime.


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While the TikTok hack is meant specifically for a sliding door’s track, it’s not the only way to use it. You can also take the toilet paper roll end and get into tight spaces behind and under furniture, as well as along crown molding. You could also cut slits into the sides of the roll and bend it in order to form a cone that’ll provide greater pressure from the hose.

The next time you can’t find your vacuum attachment or don’t have one and to clean a tight space, this hack might be just what you need.

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