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Why Your Next Paint Job Needs Aluminum Foil

A person paints a wall with a roller.

Whether you’re sprucing up the paint in a bedroom or completely repainting your living room, paint jobs typically require more than one coat. What do you do with your paint rollers and brushes in between them?

Apparently, aluminum foil is the answer to all your mid-paint job woes.

Ann Chen, a muralist, explains that in between coats, you should wrap your paint rollers and brushes tightly in aluminum foil (though plastic wrap works, too). Doing so prevents air from getting to them which will dry them out and make them useful. When you’re ready to use them again, carefully unwrap the covers, and you’ll be good to go.

Bates Paint Roller, Roller Frame with Two Covers

Rollers aren't the only thing you need for your next home makeover.

Wrapping your brushes in aluminum foil isn’t the only way to ensure your paint job goes smoothly, though. Another step you can take comes before you even start painting, and that’s beginning with primer. Adding the base can be particularly helpful in covering up dark colors, hiding imperfections in walls, and painting over wallpaper.

Then, there’s ensuring that you’re choosing the right color for your space. Pay attention to how your furniture will match the paint, what swatches look like in the space, and the mood it evokes.

Once all that is done, pick out your paint rollers, grab some aluminum foil, and get to work.

[Via Apartment Therapy]

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