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How to Make Your Garlic Last Longer

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It’s no secret that vegetables can go bad quickly, and that includes one of everyone’s favorite seasonings: garlic. Fresh cloves are delicious but like all fresh things, it doesn’t last forever.

The trick to long-lasting garlic? Your freezer.

Like many foods, you can freeze your garlic in an airtight container. You can store both peeled whole cloves and minced garlic, and it’ll be good for up to three months. The only thing to consider when taking this method, though, is that when thawed, it’ll lose its crisp texture. For most of us, though, we use garlic to add flavor to dishes, and while sometimes, it’s the star of the show, for every day, that’s not typically the case.

Ensccant Small Mason Jars 4 oz

These mason jars work as perfect airtight containers.

To freeze minced garlic, you’ll first mince it (duh) and then pack it into small mason jars. Leave room for a bit of expansion, seal it, and it’ll stay good. You can also add it to an ice cube tray, and then, fill the tray with oil. Freeze and use it for soups or sauteing.

As for whole garlic, you’ll peel the cloves and place them in an airtight container or a zipper freezer bag. Freeze them, and you’ll have them to use for up to three months.

The next time you’re concerned about your garlic going bad, just freeze it, or you could always make this 60 garlic clove soup.

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