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This Pre-Organizing Step Is Essential According to One Expert

A woman organizes a closet.
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With the new year approaching, you might be making goals for 2022, and if one of them is getting organized, there’s one step you shouldn’t skip.

According to one expert, taking time to do an inventory of your items before you start organizing is the best way to approach the job.

Holly Blakey, the founder of Breathing Room Organization, says scheduling time to go through your things and take stock can help you see what you have, what you are able to get rid of, and what you might need to purchase.

As for how to take inventory, Blakey said not to do it all in one day so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

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“I am talking about slowly carving out time once a weekend or swapping out your Netflix hour for inventory on one spot in your home,” said Blakey. “It’s important to tell people that even as a professional organizer, I am not spending my weekends organizing. It’s actually why people outsource organizing. You have to be gentle with yourself and create an organizing plan that is practical and sustainable.”

Another important part of the inventory is looking at the systems you have in place. Your systems are the places you hold certain items, how you store them, and how the items interact with your schedule. Each year, your work schedule or kids’ schedule could change, as you take inventory, adjust those systems for what works for you life going forward.

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