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7 Recipes That Turn Basic Snacks into Halloween Creepy-Crawlies

a pot pie with the bread shaped like an octopus

Halloween is fun for so many reasons, but preparing goodies that look like creepy critters is what it’s all about for us. Learn to create treats that might make you think twice before taking a bite.

Whether you want spider-covered cookies, or something a bit more yucky—like bloody rat cupcakes—we’ve got you covered. Check out these seven bizarre yet delicious creepy-crawly food recipes.

Jell-O Worms with Oreo Dirt

A cup of crushed Oreo with jello edible worms
Cakes Cottage

These worms might not have legs to crawl, but they look super realistic, which is why they made it to our list of creepy-crawly desserts. You might find it disturbing to take a bite, but don’t worry, once you take in a mouthful, you’ll see they taste oh so good. You might even go for a second helping.

The author will take you through steps and teach you how to make realistic-looking worms using gelatin in straw molds. You’ll then put them in a cup of crushed Oreo, which resembles dirt.

For a little extra deliciousness, place chocolate pudding in individual cups, and then add the Oreo crumbs and, finally, the worms. Right before your eyes will be a bowl of worm-infested mud. Yummy.

Get the Recipe: Cakes Cottage

Peanut Butter Spider Cookies

Five peanut butter spider cookies
Crafty Morning

These spider cookies are a great combination of adorable and yummy. If you aren’t a fan of spiders, you might still get away with making these. The silly eyeballs help make this one a little less creepy and a bit goofier.

You’ll learn to make peanut butter cookies from scratch, and then decorate them using Whoppers candy and melted chocolate. Enjoy these with the kids—but watch out for peanut allergies.

Get the Recipe: Crafty Morning

Creepy-Crawly Bugs

Hot dogs rolled with dough, with potato sticks inserted to look like little edible bugs.
Taste of Home

These creepy-crawlies are super cute and easy to put together. Kids especially will love this creative hotdog treat. You’ll need a tube of refrigerated breadsticks or crescent rolls, a few hotdogs, and potato sticks.

By rolling the dough around hotdogs and sticking potato sticks in for the legs, you’ll have a tray full of little buggers that make a great bite. How clever!

Add a side of ketchup and mustard for dipping, and little kids and adults alike will love this cute and scary snack.

Get the Recipe: Taste of Home

Bloody Red Berry Chocolate Rat Cupcakes

Two cupcakes with chocolate covered strawberries that look like rats.
6 Bitter Sweets

This recipe is a little bit more time-consuming but totally worth it. The outcome of these icky-looking rat cupcakes is remarkable. After making homemade cupcakes from scratch, you’ll learn how to make the creepy rats using strawberries, melted chocolate, sliced almonds, and crushed wafer cookies.

After inserting the sliced almonds to create ears, you carefully pour chocolate over the strawberry and then sprinkle it with crushed wafer cookies. Add little eyes and teeth, and you’ve got yourself a strangely delicious yet terrifying dessert.

Get the Recipe: 6 Bitter Sweets

Fossil Cookies

Cookies that are imprinted with toy insects to make them look like fossils.
Martha Stewart

Before making these cool-looking cookies, you’ll need to find some plastic insects and thoroughly wash and dry them. A little online shopping or a trip to Walmart should do the trick.

After making the cookie dough and forming fossil stone shapes, you’ll imprint the cookie dough with flour-dusted insects. Before you know it, you’ll have realistic-looking fossils to munch on.

Get the Recipe: Martha Stewart

Silly Apple Bites

Apple wedges that resemble little creatures.
Fork and Beans

These little snacks don’t crawl, but they’re downright creepy and clever. In this recipe, you’ll quarter apple slices and use sunflower seeds as teeth. Add your strawberry tongue slices and some silly eyeballs, and you’ve got yourself a funny-looking treat.

If you’re going to a kid-friendly Halloween party this year, this would be a great dessert to make. When you make these, get the kids involved and teach them a thing or two about preparing food.

Get the Recipe: Fork and Beans

Spider Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies with a piped head and legs to make each chocolate chip resemble a small spider.
Hungry Happenings

Would you ever munch on a cookie covered with a bunch of tiny spiders? What if they were delicious chocolatey spiders? This recipe is hilarious, and the idea behind it is simple yet ingenious. Unless, of course, you have arachnophobia because they look pretty realistic.

All you need to do is make chocolate chip cookies (recipe included),and then find the large visible chocolate chips. Pipe tiny legs and one head on each visible chocolate chip, and the outcome will be pretty scary—that is, if spiders give you the creeps.

Get the Recipe: Hungry Happenings

If you have a Halloween party to attend this year, we’ve got you covered with a few of our favorite edible critter look-alikes. We hope you enjoy it.

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