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This Curtain Hack Will Make Your Room Look Bigger

A pair of curtains frame a window.
Simon Bratt/Shutterstock.com

You’ve likely heard that carefully placed mirrors can help make a room look larger, but there’s another trick that might help as well. It’s all about how you hang your curtains.

Instagram content creator Jillee hung her curtains just above her window frame and with a length that skims the floor, and the result is truly a larger-looking room.

To use Jillee’s trick, you’ll hang your curtain rod six to 12 inches above your window and also extend the rod a few inches on either side as well. Be sure to size your curtains for the extra few inches as well so that they don’t puddle on the floor. The effect is a wider-looking window and a higher-looking ceiling for an overall larger effect in your room.

This curtain-hanging method isn’t the only way to make your room appear larger, though. The type of furniture and decor accents you have can also help. Sticking to light, neutral colors, particularly in larger items like couches and coffee tables, can help open up space according to Louise Bradley, the founder of Louise Bradley Design Studio.

Not feeling like an entire living room remodel? Try decluttering and embracing minimalism and another option to make your space look larger.

[Via Hunker]

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