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How to Fix Cloudy Wine Glasses

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Your day is finished, and it’s time to sit down and unwind with a nice glass of wine. When you reach for your favorite glass, you realize it has gone cloudy—not exactly the pristine experience you want, right?

You can fix that cloudy wine glass with just vinegar and a few extra minutes of time.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, vinegar can clean just about anything. That includes your wine glasses. All you need to do is fill a bucket or your sink with a solution made from half vinegar and half water and let your glass soak for about 30 minutes. Once time has passed, take the glass out and check it for cloudiness. If it’s clear, remove it, but if not, allow it to soak for another 30 minutes.

Once removed, rinse the glass with warm water and dry with a rag to remove hard water spots.

JoyJolt Red Wine Glasses

Never drink from a cloudy glass again.

There is, unfortunately, a caveat to this hack. While most cloudy glass is caused by hard water that leaves behind mineral deposits, it could also be etching. This happens when hot water, water that’s too soft, too much detergent, or over-cleaning damage the glass itself. Once that’s happened, you won’t be able to repair them. However, avoiding all of the causes can help prevent it.

The next time you’re having a wine night, soak those wine glasses in some vinegar first.

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