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This Citrus Fruit Is The Secret to Storing Cut Avocados


Whether you’re a lover of avocado toast or like adding a bit of avocado to your smoothie, when you don’t use the whole thing, browning feels inevitable. There’s a citrusy hack for that, though.

A little bit of lemon juice is the secret to keeping your avocado fresh and green.

Once you’ve cut and used half your avocado, don’t just stick it in the fridge or toss it in a plastic bag. First, you’ll squeeze a bit of lemon juice over the exposed flesh. Then, using plastic wrap, cover the avocado in plastic wrap and be sure it’s sealed tight. Place it in the fridge, and when you’re ready to use it, grab it, unwrap, and you’re good to go.

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While plastic wrap is recommended, an airtight container is also worth a shot considering that it will also keep air away from the avocado’s flesh and cut down on waste. Plus, it’s worked before in a viral video. While a slightly different approach, TikTok content creator @JaxFoodHax recommended juicing a lemon into a plastic container, placing your cut avocado face down in the juice, sealing the container, and then refrigerating.

Have the opposite problem and need to ripen an avocado? Check out this hack.

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